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I'm Nona Jordan: master coach, former CPA, applied psychologist, and community creator for smart, sensitive women in business who want to get right with money and experience a deeply satisfying, more-than-enough life.


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You know it really isn't about the money.

But it sure feels like it's about the money, doesn't it? You want to say yes to something bigger or more meaningful for yourself, however, there are some oh-so-normal (and not so often talked about) things that may be holding you back. It may be that money anxiety stops you in your tracks - the crushing sense that you don't have enough to pursue the business or the life that you long for. Or, you may feel paralyzed by the judgemental narrative that you aren't good enough to have or to do what is most meaningful to you. However, I know that you are capable, worthy, and deserving of a deeply satisfying, more-than-enough life and to get there, I help women heal their relationship to money and to worthiness, which changes everything.

When you say yes to healing your relationship with money and worth, I want you to know that:

  • It isn't about the money, but that is where we begin because it is absolutely essential to cultivate a healthy relationship with money so you and money are working together to create your more-than-enough life. 
  • You will gently and compassionately “see”, unpack, and begin to heal from the wounds of scarcity, dysfunctional cultural expectations, and oppression within yourself, rooting into your essence of wholeness and worthiness that leads to a strong and true vision of what your more-than-enough life is for you.
  • You can cultivate a sweet sense of safety by leaning into your rich resources while you move forward - there will be no leaping without a net (or a wise plan of action).  Doing this work with like-minded others by your side, know that you will be celebrated by a community. 


Say yes to your unique vision for a more-than-enough life.  



I'm Nona Jordan

As a trauma-sensitive master coach, breath and meditation facilitator, energy worker, applied psychologist, and former CPA, I've worked with thousands of smart, sensitive women in business to heal their relationship with money and worth, leading to deeply satisfying, more-than-enough lives. From developing a successful business of meaning to finally healing their relationship with money to healing the scarcity wound to developing and launching dream programs - all of the work I do is rooted in reverence for life... beginning with you.

I want you to root into worthiness. I want you to feel connected to your money - to know you and your money are working together. You are brilliant and your desire for a deeply satisfying, more-than-enough life deserves your time, energy, and attention. You can develop a healthy relationship with money and root into a powerful sense of worthiness. 

Are you ready?

When you say yes, you can expect:

Deep Healing

Unravel toxic societal expectations and the narrative of never enough. Healing your relationship with money begins and ends with a reverence for life... your life, first and foremost.

Clear Vision

Slowing down and wrapping yourself in care is an affirmation of your infinite enoughness. When you root into worthiness, your truest vision for a more-than-enough life emerges.

Aligned Action

Choice by choice, you cultivate a deeply satisfying, more-than-enough life. With ease, you will take the unique, meaningful, actions that are a celebration of you.

Let me hold the vision until you see yourself clearly - you are already worthy and deserving of more-than-enough.


You, my beloved, are filled with possibility and promise. I see you and the woman you are and the woman you wish to become. I see your power, your wholeness, and the truth of who you are. I know that you can say yes to your most powerful desires for your life, your business, and the collective. I want you to have the deeply satisfying, more-than-enough life you desire. 

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I am dedicated to supporting you as you come into right relationship with money, heal the scarcity wound, and claim peace, power, and freedom. I can't wait to see what you do, sister!

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