With Love, From Zambia

 This offer will be available in late autumn of 2017

Are you ready to let life open you to the possibility and promise that exists beyond your comfort zone?

Do you want to say yes to the adventure that is life?

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As the Spring Equinox arrives, join me as my family begins our story of life in Lusaka, Zambia and the lessons that I learn along the way. Together, you and I will explore new beginnings and the energy of Spring Equinox while cultivating  the courage and honesty to live heart wide open.

Say yes to the adventure and you will receive

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Medicine Vision

A new moon Medicine Vision for the group. The intentions will be grounded in the energy of each cycle: for new beginnings, courage and attuning to the heartbeat of what is ready to grow in the fertile soil of our lives in the moment.

Learn more about individual Medicine Visions (The work will be for the group vs. an individual, and I will determine intentions for the group.)

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Evocative Inspiration

Images and insights into our journey will inspire you to explore the edges of your own life! Each day I will share a quick journal entry with prompts to inspire your own explorations as you live into the adventure of your life. 

This will be offered through a private Instagram account where you can comment and share your experiences and insights right along with me.

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A Full Moon Love Letter

The full moon love letter is a transmission of experience and insight that will lead you to your own deep wisdom. Sacred story, invitations and journal explorations await you. All spiraling back to the Medicine Vision and the path that is opening.  

Expect a thought-provoking missive that will give you insight as well as inspiration for your new beginnings this spring. 

Truly, madly & deeply alive and in love with life is what I want for you.

Play, risk and adventure are underrated assets to help you experience just that.

As I embark on a new life in Zambia, you can dive into your own life's adventure with more awareness. You are invited to navigate your own new beginnings with a sense of purpose and ease. Do you hear the call to retrain your mind to expect the unexpected and embrace the fluid nature of changes—both big and small—anchored in the truth of who you are? I feel the tides of our collective energy shifting quickly and With Love, From Zambia embodies truth, beauty and authenticity in preparation for the big changes that are on the horizon. 

With Love, From Zambia is for you if: 

  • You seek out energy work and believe in it's efficacy. Listen, sister. Not everyone feels it. If you do, you will love the energy charts that I use for the group energy work. The energy work + visioning is potent and clarifying. Perfect to support your attunement to the energy of spring and new beginnings.  
  • You resonate strongly with imagery and metaphor. Guidance and wisdom are most often presented to me through story and metaphor -- consider the full moon letter a transmission of love that will inspire and open doors to your own personal wisdom. This is a co-created experience between myself, the divine, mama earth and YOU. 
  • You love Instagram and it's a comfortable venue for you (or you are willing to get to know Instagram). In between the Medicine Vision and the Full Moon love letter, you and I will stay connected through a private Instagram account. I will post images, inspiration, insights and invitations daily (unless wifi is unavailable and then you will get updates asap) 

Open your heart to the rich possibilities that live beyond your comfort zone.

With Love, From Zambia | $37.00

Subscription opening in Autumn of 2017

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10% for the Elephants

10% of the profits from this project will go directly to the Elephant Orphanage Project of Lusaka {I will be visiting and sending you pictures of the elephants -- SQUEEE!!!} The elephant orphanage project at Lilayi is funded through the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. With enough support, collectively, we will be able to adopt a few of the baby elephants.

Are you ready for an adventure?