Hello, beautiful you.

I am embracing you in a virtual hug of gratitude and excitement. Are you ready to dive in?  

Saying yes to a coaching program is deep commitment to your spiritual unfolding and I honor your desire to be here and say YES to this journey.  

Below are some questions that will help you and I discern whether The Trauma-Sensitive Business is a great fit for you. Take a moment to connect and reflect here, but don't agonize. You're likely to learn something new about yourself by answering these questions with an open and honest heart. I will be back with you in a week or less to either schedule a call to chat with you, or to welcome you to the program.

Thank you for your thoughtful responses.


Name *
Your vision for your contribution? What kind of work do you do? Who do you serve?
Therapy, allopathic medication, energy work, healers, trainings, etc.
What is your intention? Your vision for yourself and how you experience yourself?
How prepared do you feel to make a commitment to The Trauma Sensitive Business Program? *