Hello, beautiful you.

I am embracing you in a virtual hug of gratitude and excitement. Are you ready to dive in?  

Saying yes to a coaching program is deep commitment to your spiritual unfolding and I honor your desire to be here and say YES to this journey.  

Below are some questions that will help you and I discern whether The School of Sacred Practice is a great fit for you. Take a moment to connect and reflect here.. You're likely to learn something new about yourself by answering these questions with an open and honest heart. I will be back with you in a week or less to either schedule a call to chat with you, or to welcome you to the program.

Thank you for your thoughtful responses.


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Are you able to participate in the deep-dives by being live on the calls and also participating in the forum? *
One of the greatest benefits of working together is the power of circling in a group.