Explore the wilds of your inner landscape to navigate the adventure of your life with more courage and joy.

Say yes to open-hearted living and join me for Soul Safari.

Soul Safari is an adventure in open-hearted living. Energetic support and lush practices to help you live into the truth of your incredible capacity for healing, strength and clarity.  The success you seek is an inside out endeavor, and during this particular time in history - when it seems as if the very ground beneath us is no longer solid, Soul Safari offers an intentional space to remember and celebrate the soulful intelligence that lives within you. This is playtime with a powerful purpose -- to help you live with courage and joy. 

Together, we will explore the wise wilds of your inner landscape through powerful energy medicine, coaching and practices. The most effective practices that I have found for knowing yourself and your personal authority -- practices that nurture wisdom, healing and clear action. Each element designed to help you forge new paths and create new maps for your life in unexpected and surprising ways. 

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Let's go on a soul expedition to the heart of your truth, sister. 

Say yes to Soul Safari and you will receive

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New Moon Medicine Vision

The New Moon Medicine Vision is energy work combined with visioning to support and inspire you in living fully awake and alive. For each moon cycle, I attune to the pulse of what is present in our collective energy and set the intentions for our group. The energy work and visioning will nurture and guide you as you find your way and your wisdom. Expect tears, insight and greater clarity to act on your truth with courage.

Learn more about individual Medicine Visions (The work we do will be for the group vs. an individual).

Full Moon Illumination

The Full Moon Illumination is a monthly, 90-minute session held via teleconference to explore the inner landscape of your own deep wisdom guided by themes revealed in our New Moon Medicine Vision. We will weave sacred inquiry and story, truth telling, visualization together with breath and journey work in to the rich fabric of these live gatherings.

Expect an inspiring call that uplifts, integrates, supports and inspires aligned energy and action for the wild adventure of your precious life. 


People say...

About Medicine Visions

The Medicine Vision is a vital part of this piece I’m working around what I want to experience, what I want to craft. It has really helped to synthesize these rather abstract parts and pieces of my vision.
— AP
I am crying as I write, eyes blurry with the wetness of a river of healing. Your Vision rang so true, so deep in my soul that I am grateful to you/for you always.
— SW

On coaching, healing and learning with me

I’m simply reveling in the organic shifts that have come from such subtle work. I show up, get cozy, and relax while Nona remotely guides me. It’s that easy. But then throughout the following days, I can feel old constrictions in my body (and, frankly, my very way of being) release, replaced by more ease and joy than I’ve felt in...well, decades.
— JS
What has been most surprising is how much more relaxed I can allow myself to be about the “shoulds” and “doings” of my life. I have more trust in the process of life’s unfolding and I’m not as self-conscious about getting everything right all of the time. I highly recommend working with Nona — {her work} will connect you to the wisdom just waiting for you to discover within!
— JF

Truly, madly & deeply alive and in love with the adventure of life is what I want for you.

Let's adventure into the heart of the soul to experience our incredible individual and collective capacity for healing, strength and clarity.

Are you ready? 

Soul Safari is for you if:

  • You seek out energy work and believe in its efficacy. Listen, sister. Not everyone feels it. If you do, you will love the energy charts that I use for the group energy work. The energy work + visioning is potent, healing and clarifying. Perfect to support you and nourish your life's adventure.  
  • You resonate strongly with imagery and metaphor as tools of healing, guidance and clarity. Guidance and wisdom are most often presented to me through story and metaphor. I will invite you to open your heart and let your story and your perspectives shape-shift as I share the imagery and guidance that comes through me, for you.
  • You believe in the power of energy medicine: including visualization, breath work and shamanic journeys to heal, transform and clarify. On our Full Moon Illumination call, we will gather around the virtual campfire for stories and intimate sharing that transforms, followed by powerful breath and healing visualization to connect you to your body's deep wisdom and finally, the practical magic of shamanic journey work to dream a new dream to take into your world. 

Playful and unexpected pathways of healing, guidance, clarity and wisdom await.

Soul Safari | $37.00 per month


You receive: 

  • A new moon group Medicine Vision to support you energetically and intuitively. 

  • A full moon Illumination call of 90-minutes to be coached, share insights, ask questions and, most important, the space to explore your inner landscape of truth, wisdom and beauty through breath, visualization, and shamanic journey work.

  • A community of women who are on a Soul Exploration right along side of you.


Say yes to the adventure



Notes, caveats and things to remember: 

  • This is an ongoing, monthly subscription and if you decide the Soul Safari is not for you, I will happily cancel your subscription. No refunds for current months will be available. 
  • All of our 60 to 90-minute Full Moon Illumination calls will be held on the Thursday closest to the full moon each month, at 12 pm pacific/3 pm eastern (dates will be provided when you sign up). The recording of the practice portion of the calls will be available to all current members.
  • The work I offer you is experiential and deeply personal to your own path. I will invite you time and time again to come home to the truth of your heart, to embody your vision and make it happen through the strength of your unique energy and rhythm.
  • The name Soul Safari is inspired by our move to Lusaka, Zambia and a lifetime of inner explorations and transformative leaps (and long-hauls) that I've experienced both by choice and circumstance (and have been lucky to walk many clients through the same, as well). In other words, my life experience, my education and my professional path have all gifted me a wealth of energy medicine practices to help you navigate life with open hearted courage.  

I want you to live your wild and precious life with truth, courage and joy. 

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About Your Guidess

Hi there, I'm Nona Jordan, master coach, mama, former CPA and lover of the world. My focus is on helping you move through the world in a whole new way: deliberately, joyfully and intentionally with the support of intuitive guidance, insight and access to your own deep wisdom.

My background includes eight years of women’s leadership coaching with a focus on intuition and the body as our wisest guides. In addition, I’ve been practicing and teaching yoga and meditation for over twenty years (22 years practicing yoga and teaching for twelve years). For the past six years, I've been bringing advanced energy practices, shamanic earth medicine, the power of the breath and the the joyful work of Dr. Lorin Roche of the Radiance Sutras into my work and to my clients. Soul Safari offers you not only my energy medicine, but space to explore healing and clarifying practices that will help you attune to your innate intelligence and celebrate your aliveness.

Even more important than the training I've done with others is my experiential embodiment of this supportive work - the energy medicine and the call structure and practices are based on my work with clients as well as my personal experience - the relationship I've forged with my innate wisdom to live into my courage and joy is hard-won. Soul Safari will help you build deep self-trust which is a sane and sustainable path to success you on your adventure. I invite you to access the wilds of your inner landscape to forge new paths of success and create new maps for your life in unexpected and surprising ways. 


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10% for the Elephants

10% of the profits will go directly to the Elephant Orphanage Project of Lusaka. The elephant orphanage project at Lilayi is funded through the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

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