Hi, I'm Nona Jordan: I'm a mother, wisdom guide, master coach, yoga teacher, energy worker and lover of the world. This is my husband and I, out in the bush in Zambia, where we currently live. One of the best outcomes of Sacred Practice for me has been this: a healthy, loving and vibrant relationship with a really beautiful man. (There was no reason for me to have this in my life.)

Little Me.jpg

I grew up as a kid who struggled to finish and see things through to the end. Things were already tough in my family around the time of this picture, when I was just four. I struggled with self-esteem and belief in myself and my place in the world - there are plenty of moments I still do. Trauma and family alcoholism deeply impacted me -- my first sacred practices of yoga and meditation (began in college) became a misguided attempt to try and transcend my experience - another form of addiction and numbing out. In popular terms, I was absolutely looking to bypass my own pain and suffering with my practices. 

In my late 20's I had a powerful vision (one of the first inklings of Medicine Visions) that inspired me to stop drinking. My aspiration and my desire in that moment was to be fully alive, to not try and put space between myself and life. This intention, and that vision, has been working in my life ever since. 

Sacred Practice, in the subsequent years, has become a foundation for me - like a secret hidden in plain sight. And this idea for a school has been knocking on my door for many years and I could no longer ignore it.

Sacred Practice is transformational - it will support you in being the women you wish to be. Sacred Practice will teach you to stay present and listen for the next step. Sacred Practice will teach you patience and devotion. Sacred Practice will restore a sense of wholeness and self-worth. Sacred Practice will give you a deep sense of intimacy and joy with yourself and with life itself.  

In a world that rests on the false promise of instant transformation and instant results, Sacred Practice offers a reliable way to attune to your own deep wealth of resources and to keep showing up for the women you are, for the woman you are becoming. 

During the year, you will receive

  • Four, month-long deep dives into Sacred Practices that will support deep healing, clarity and inspiration with your resources: money, your Self and your sense of worth, your capacity for action and the deep magic of rest. You will play with different practices, as your own wisdom dictates, and, as a group we will utilize the Sacred Practices of journey work, active imagination and breathwork as unconventional and revolutionary Sacred Practices to access healing, clarity, and wisdom.
  • Each four-week intensive will include:

Four Sunday Soul Teaching eMails: An email delivery of key ideas, resources, and unconventional wisdom as well as prompts and invitations for you to explore the changes you would like to experience through Sacred Practice. 

Four Monday Centering In Calls: On Monday we will gather virtually via video conference to hone in on our intentions, questions, and practices for the coming week as well as acknowledge and celebrate what is shifting and changing. This alone will change you. 

Four Wednesday Office Hours: Wednesday is an opportunity to ask questions, offer insights, process what you are learning through practice, and to affirm the vitality of the work you are doing. This will be done live, on Facebook, in a private group, so everyone has the benefit of hearing your wisdom, your questions and your insights.  

Four Friday Opening to, and Receiving, the Sacred Calls: Again, we will gather via video conference to journey to liminal realms via breath, drumming, or visualization with specific questions and requests that have bubbled up as a result of our practice. These journeys may focus on healing, clarity, or connecting to deep wisdom archetypes that will infuse your Sacred Practice with support from other realms. 

  • In addition to the 4 intensives and 3 workshops, you will also receive individual support:  

One Medicine Vision, based on your intentions for the year. Energy work and visioning to support you and hold you.

2, 30-minute individual mentoring/coaching sessions to focus on your journey of Sacred Practice in 2018.

A beautiful virtual gathering space to connect with your sisters throughout the year and receive support.