Prepare yourself to Receive the Sacred


I am SO excited to walk with you on this path of healing and embodiment.

First things first

  1. Before we begin, you will need to fill out a Client Intake Questionnaire. Once you fill that confidential form out, it comes directly to me. No one else will see that form. Once you've submitted this form, I will contact you to schedule your weekly time for your sessions. 
  2. Please download and read the following document and note any questions you have for our first session. This will give you the context and information about breathwork and energy. 

Preparing for Your First Session

  • Download Spotify onto your phone (if you don't already have it) - I recommend that you purchase the subscription so you can listen ad-free. During breathwork sessions, you will be listening to evocative music that deepens your experience of the breathwork. In fact, click here to access (and follow) the first playlist we will be using. {You will want the playlist available on a device that is separate from your computer so you can use headphones and play the music softly in the background while still being able to hear my voice through the computer.}
  • For each of our sessions, we will use Zoom, a video conferencing service that allows us to see each other. I will send you an invitation for each session, however, if you don't already use Zoom, you will want to get yourself situated a few minutes prior to our session to download Zoom to your device. You can get the free version of Zoom prior to our first session by clicking here. 
  • Be mindful to eat lightly or not at all an hour before the live class or any breath practices. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing for the breathwork sessions.

Setting Up Your "Breath Cocoon"

I would invite you to set up a sacred space for your breathing. A quiet place near a big window with natural light. Please create your breathing nest prior to our call - we will definitely make sure you are set up for success before you breathe, but these guidelines will help us get to the good part more quickly.  

  • Let's get you comfortable: You will need a small pillow or a folded yoga blanket placed beneath the head, so that your chin is resting slightly lower than the forehead, with most of the weight resting on the base of the head. Place blankets underneath you for comfort and warmth. You may want to cover yourself during your breath sessions, as it's not uncommon to get cold during the session. It's best if you can use a very thin blanket or a sheet, so that your breathing movements remain visible. Additionally, you may also want to use an eye mask and/or a bolster or pillow under the knees. 
  • Setting up Your Camera:  I want to be able to see you breath, beautiful! You will want to have your camera at a distance and angle that your body is cropped from about your chin to your upper thighs while you lay on your back, either on a yoga or exercise mat. Please wear clothing that has solid colors; prints interfere with the ability to see the movements of your breath on camera. Lighting is important! Be sure that there is adequate lighting - lots of natural light is best. Choose a bright space near a big window.

Optional, but awesome

You might consider buying yourself a breath journal to record your experiences and insights from your breath practices. I will be inviting you to reflect on and play with breath practices between sessions and it can be SO helpful to have a record of your journey into any new modality.

Alright, that's it! If you have any questions, please reach out. You've got my email and I'm here to support you in whatever way I can. I know this is a lot of preparation, and I also know it's going to be well worth it.

Again, thank you for saying yes. I can't wait to begin. 

Your loving Guidess