Money & Trauma

Straight talk and grounded wisdom for healing and empowerment

Our relationship with money can feel so messy.

Money and Trauma is a 4-week series to help you transform your relationship with money.

Let’s begin with a big truth.

Changing your thoughts about money (sometimes called a “scarcity mindset” in personal development) is rarely effective. If you are a woman who has failed at tapping into an “abundance mindset” (and are perhaps afraid to admit it), I hope you will join me for this healing and empowering series.

Because sister, it isn’t actually your thoughts that need to be rewired: it’s your nervous system (and, well, The System.)

Yes, you heard me: scarcity mindset isn’t a mindset at all. The thoughts that feel like they drive your anxiety, fear and overwhelm (and perhaps financial decisions that you come to regret later) — those thoughts are far more likely to be a result of a dis-regulated nervous system sending anxiety impulses to your mind.

The personal development industry has convinced us that the mind is everything — hence a whole lot of “top down” (mind-driven) approaches in psychology, in coaching and in spiritual development. However, neuroscience has confirmed that “bottom up” approaches really work. In other words the body, and a regulated nervous system, are vital to lasting change and healing.

Money & Trauma is for you if:

  • You experience repetitive, fearful thoughts about money and resources, which fuels a deep sense of being unworthy that stops you in your tracks. You are never enough and there is certainly a felt sense of lack, despite the fact that you know in your mind there is “enough”.

  • Despite your best intentions, you disregard your basic needs and avoid what brings you pleasure to the point that you are physically, mentally, financially and spiritually depleted. This often goes hand in hand with low-level (or constant) anxiety (about money, enoughness, etc.) that is fueled by a body that is on high-alert.

  • You are financially doing well, but you don’t feel successful. What you feel is burnt-out and unable to experience and appreciate the successes you’ve had. You continue to scan the horizon for danger and the next thing that might help you feel like you’ve finally “made it”.

Important Note: this course is not a good fit for you you are in the acute phases of PTSD or any kind of current, personal trauma. I am not a therapist or a psychologist and though I have a lot of tools in my toolbox to support bodies that are stuck in high-alert, please seek professional help if you are in a dangerous situation or you are actively experiencing symptoms of PTSD.

If you are unsure whether The Money and Trauma Series is right for you, reach out to me.



Hi, it’s me: Nona Jordan

As a master coach, mind-body educator and energy healer, I support women who have done a great deal of personal work to heal from past traumas yet secretly wonder why the same unhelpful patterns, old memories and emotions keep showing up right when they feel ready to take a big leap. My holistic approach empowers you to not only understand, but to do the consistent healing work that will shift the core patterns that thwart inspired, consistent action. 

I’m a former CPA so I understand the ins and outs of money, sure — but my real credibility comes from the traumatic experiences that led me to years of healing, then training, and practice utilizing modern coaching tools, energy medicine, and ancient healing modalities to support my own, and my clients’, healing. Only recently has neuroscience been catching up with what I’ve known for years: it is the body that holds the key to lasting healing.

I want you to know that I really understand money anxiety: I spent too many years never feeling a sense of enough and trying to “change my mindset” only to fail and feel even more anxious as a result. What helped was working with my physiology with the intention of creating a sense of safety and stability, letting myself relive and feel my way through the residual trauma that had impacted my relationship with money and finally, having a nervous system that was regulated enough that I was able to feel a sense of trust in myself, in others and the world.

Your relationship with money is far bigger than hoarding (or spending) stacks of dirty paper. What I know for sure is that money at it’s essence represents safety and connection and personal authority — when you know there is enough money (technically speaking) and you still feel anxiety and continued feelings of fear — that is likely a trauma response. And that is an opportunity to go deeper into your healing with fierce compassion and devotion to your own strength and resilience.

Working holistically is vital to having a different experience of yourself and money.


The Money & Trauma Itinerary

 Here’s where we are going together.


The Money & Trauma Series Itinerary

4, 2-hour Workshops | 9am pacific/12pm eastern
Held via Zoom Teleconference: September 3, 9, 16 and 23rd. Note that the first call is on a Tuesday, the remaining calls are on Mondays.(all calls recorded and made available within 24 hours)

The Money and Trauma Series weaves together education, transformational insights, and the inspiration to create empowering healing practices to help you cultivate safety, presence and compassion in your body psyche and rewire your relationship to money.


Week One: Grounding into Truth

In our first 2-hour workshop, we will begin with knowing the path we are traveling together. Topics we will cover this week are: Understanding the continuum of trauma and how it impacts our relationship to money - A primer on the nervous system - How our sense of safety is impacted by our past, unintegrated, experiences (and current events personally and collectively).

Foundational Practices: Beginning with intention, experiencing a felt sense of grounding and presence, naming resources, and exploring (even glimmers of) a felt sense of safety.


Week Two: Weighing Self-Responsibility against Context and Culture

This week, we will unravel the idea that personal development is just that: only personal. Topics covered this week will be: The trauma of living within the patriarchy as a woman - The endless push to succeed financially (and the blame that is shifted onto the individual) - Taking responsibility for what we can and healing as a path to liberation and a new vision — patriarchy, scarcity and transcendence vs. divine feminine, sustainability and intimacy with life.

Foundational Practices: Continuing to practice grounding and creating safety in the body. Radical care of Self. Healing in relationship to others. Knowing, and leaning into, our sacred resources.


Week Three: Creating Currency in the Body

This week, we will explore emotional trauma and integrating the energy of feelings skillfully to create currency. Topics we will cover this week are: Defining currency -Types of emotional trauma and the ways they get stuck in the body and impact our sense of enoughness - Nervous system resilience, currency and aliveness as the path to a felt sense of abundance.

Foundational Practices: Continue with grounding to create safety in the body, practices to metabolize and integrate the emotions of trauma, both past and present. Feeling, and appreciating, aliveness - and the safety to feel our aliveness - as the source of abundance.

Holding the World.png

Week Four: Integration & The Way Forward

In our final workshop, we will review the journey we’ve taken and the path ahead. Topics we will cover are: the state of body and our relationship to money - Safety, stabilization, and the radical act of naming, and healing, trauma - How healing the body resets our relationship to money and abundance - What it really takes to heal: wisdom, practices and suggestions.

Foundational Practices: Trusting, and following, impulse/knowing about your next steps as you navigate a new relationship with money as you understand more deeply the ways that trauma has impacted your sense of safety, agency and authority.

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My Promise to You

My promise is that you will understand yourself in a whole new way. In understanding the real impact of trauma on how you relate to, and care for, money you will become your own fierce protectress. My promise is that you will have the understanding and the tools to be able to access your wealth of resources in ways that nourish instead of deplete. My promise is that when you focus on supporting your sensitive body psyche, you will be better equipped to move beyond the trauma and to experience a real sense of abundance and in doing so, make better financial decisions.

As much as you (and I) may wish for is some big, dramatic transformational event that will make everything better instantly, I also know that you know that transformation doesn’t typically work that way. True healing and transformation takes consistency and devotion. As one of my great yoga teachers said, “Practice and all is coming.” -Pattobi Jois


 Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program for me if I’m dealing with acute, current trauma?

 This course will not be a good fit for you if you are in the acute phases of PTSD or any kind of current, personal trauma. I am not a therapist or a psychologist and though I have a lot of tools in my toolbox, you need to seek professional help if you are experiencing active circumstances that are traumatic or symptoms of PTSD.

I’m not sure what I experienced really counts as trauma. Do I fit here?

As I’ve studied trauma over the years, both my own and others, I know trauma to be a natural response to an overwhelming experience. Trauma is almost universal in that it’s severe stress that our bodies and minds have difficulty processing. There are as many ways to experience trauma as there are people — trauma can be systemic and happen over a period of time; for instance, as a child growing up with mentally ill or alcoholic parents or abusive parents. It can be a singular experience such as a death or a really big life change or a car accident or illness. There is also the very real trauma that we can experience vicariously through our work as healers, coaches and therapists. And, let’s not forget the fundamental trauma of being a woman in our culture because that is, in fact, a form of trauma.

So, I would say that if this series calls to you, that you will belong here.

If trauma is so common, why call it out? Is everyone dealing with it?

Every person, every body, responds to trauma differently and not everyone feels the edge of trauma come up around money and worth and enoughness. However, for the women that feel perpetual anxiety around money and resources, trauma can definitely be a factor. There is often a shame or a frustration — why is this still an issue? Why am I still dealing with this? Why can’t I figure this out??

Many of the issues women face around money and resources are activated traumatic patterns that are asking to be healed and integrated on a deeper level. Often, the response women have to their struggles adds violence (more trauma) to an already tender situation. I don’t see the work we do here as necessarily “getting over” trauma. Maybe you will, maybe you won’t. My deep belief is that you, and I, are better when we understand the role that trauma plays in our lives, and actively cultivating what money truly represents: safety. And safety cannot be found in money — it certainly won’t hurt, but even millionaires feel not-enough and money anxiety.

In this series, we will explore the truth about money (a front man) for what we truly crave: safety, connection and personal authority, as well as practices to cultivate that level of healing for ourselves, and for the world.

Do you offer refunds?

When you choose to say yes to one of my programs, you are saying yes to a life-changing journey and I am with you every step of the way. I hold my investment in you and the group of women who will gather with you for every course, sacred. There are no refunds and the investment is non-transferrable. Let me tell you more about this policy.

The nature of an investment is to create abundance - to plant seeds, trusting that the seed will germinate, sprout, grow and blossom - and spread the bounty farther than you can possibly imagine. I fully expect that will be the case for you. I want as many women as possible to move beyond trauma and to share their gifts with the world confidently. That is the nature of investing our energy - and the money you invest helps you put your resources of time and energy into being present for the work. As such, when you choose to invest in yourself, make sure you are all in.

I would love to walk with you every step of the way. 

Do you still have questions?

If you have other questions that I can answer for you to determine if The Money & Trauma Series is for you, please reach out. I want you to make the right decision for you.