I am SO excited that you've decided to gift yourself a Medicine Vision: Energy work, combined with sacred visioning and divine guidance just for you. So here's what's next. Answer the questions below so I can get started on your Medicine Vision. Your intentions will be placed on my altar to be held in sacred space until I do your energy work and intuitive visioning. 

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Choose one area that you would like energetic support: work, business success, a mindset, relationships, abundance, etc.
Choose up to five intentions for your Medicine Vision. Simplicity is key. So get quiet and drop into your heart. Consider the root of the challenge or the root of what you are seeking. What intentions would have the greatest impact and provide the deepest support for your intentions?
If there are other intentions that I intuit would be powerful and appropriate to add to your energy work, do I have your permission to do so? *

Thank you so much for ordering - may the medicine be potent and powerful for you!