Create a Strong Foundation

To grow the business and the life you envision.


Soul-level success requires a strong foundation.

As a women's transformation coach and guide, I support coaches, healing practitioners, therapists and creative entrepreneurs who want to experience success that feels like success on all levels. Soul-level success that is a result of expressing, and living into, your strength, wisdom, and Truth. It is your time.

Too many women who are on fire to do meaningful, life-changing work they love end up depleted emotionally, financially and spiritually. However, success that feels abundant, aligned, attuned and alive is available by nourishing a strong foundation from which to create and blossom.

If you think about a garden, the richness and the thickness of the topsoil is everything. It makes, or breaks, the health and vitality of whatever you are growing. Your business, and your life, will grow with abundant sustainability when you tend the metaphorical topsoil: devotion to your purpose, ritual and habits, mind-set, energetic integrity and emotional well being cultivate the soil that grows clarity and right action.

Being in community with like-minded others amplifies and clarifies like nothing else. I offer individual sessions and group programs for you to choose what works best for you. My work offer a unique combination of modern coaching tools, sacred practices of healing and restoration, as well as unconventional wisdom. I am committed to your intentions and to supporting you as you build your vision of soul-level success on a rich foundation. 

Which Program is Right for you?

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Individual Support

Seasonal, individual energetic and practical support for women in business. HELD offers you a choice of coaching or Medicine Vision work to support you each season. You choose your path.


Membership offering individual coaching or energetic support.

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In 2019, The School will focus on deepening your capacity to receive on all levels. Join this transformative circle of women to build a richer relationship to your most sacred resources.


9-month transformative women’s circle to tend and amplify sacred resources.

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Beyond the trauma, old wounds can hinder you from growing your business. In this 6-month course, create a trauma-sensitive foundation for yourself that will help you grow and blossom.


6-month teaching and accountability circle including individual coaching.

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It’s Your Time.

I would love to support you, and your vision, in the coming year.