Dear beautiful you.

I'm SO glad you are here to learn more about the alchemy of coaching enhanced by the breath. I'm Nona Jordan: master coach, healer and teacher to healing practitioners, coaches, teachers and creative women in business -- and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can create success that is unique to you with clarity and ease.

Truth: all success, all action, all manifestation happens in your gloriously wise physical body. This is the greatest source of wealth you have available to to make manifest the life, the business and the world you believe in -- which is what makes the combination of leadership coaching and the movement of energy with the breath so potent and powerful.

Here’s the thing… space and silence are a precious commodity that we have less of as the world speeds up. 

To be loving, purposeful humans during this particular time in history, we need more space to listen closely to the pulse of our own heart's wisdom. Not only is this incredibly sane and healing, but I have found it to be a master key to wise action, feeling abundant and knowing personal truth.


Frankly, this is the most important foundation you can build for yourself, your life and your business.

So will you say yes? I would love for you to say yes to staying connected through regular, fiery missives for a business (and life) infused with personal authority, joy and meaning. I promise, no spam! 

My gift to you is a 23 minute guided audio -- an introduction to the practice of resting in the breath.