Body, Breath & Soul Immersion

Spend a day (or two) of renewal with me in person on the beautiful front range of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado Springs. 

I want you to embody greater peace, clarity and vitality. 

 An Immersion Day is perfect for you if you want to go deep into your own healing. If you seek renewal and a deeper connection with yourself to move through your life, and your work, in a new way. This may be perfect for you if: 

  • You feel exhausted, overworked or slightly anxiousMaybe you are even feeling plain old burnt out. 
  • You are a woman who feels a lack of abundanceHow long has it been since you've had an experience of your inner wealth?
  • You struggle to trust yourself and you find you question your decisions constantly. Maybe your boundaries feel a bit frayed, too.
  • You find yourself "too busy" for everything you loveWhen is the last time you felt satisfaction, let alone joy, in your life?


Dynamic space to be heard is a precious commodity that we have less of as the world speeds up. 

To be engaged and purposeful humans during this particular time in history, we need more space to listen closely to the pulse of our own wisdom without the noise of the world clamoring for our attention. Not only is this healing, but I have found it to be a master key to wise action, feeling abundant and knowing personal truth.

How an Immersion Works

Immersions are an opportunity to be held and supported in person - to be seen and heard, held and supported energetically, emotionally and physically in your intentions. The flow of our day together will be determined by what you most need.

However, this is the typical flow of a day: 

  • Kitchen Table Welcome. Coaching and Setting Intention with tea and delicious snacks at the ready. This sets the tone for our time together and allows you to settle into a space of being nourished. 
  • Breath and/or Yin Yoga. After setting intention, I will move you into embodiment to invite a release of what isn't serving your desires and to make space in the emotional, energetic and physical body for what you do want. 
  • Reflection + Integration. Take some time to reflect on your experience to name what has changed for you. 
  • Lunch. I will make a light and beautiful lunch for us to share. Be nourished, be loved, be well. Let me do this for you. 
  • Breath & Energy Session. The second session of the day provides a powerful integration, and an increasing sense of embodied peace and clarity on what is yours to do, and what you can release. 
  • Grounding & Final Reflection. We end your day with a hike and mentorship on the trails at the conclusion of the day, inviting nature to be the final, sublime and inspiring healer before you head back home (or to your hotel) to rest deeply. 

We begin at 9:00 am and we will finish by 3:00 pm. Six full hours of delicious and supportive connection, deep nourishment and healing clarity. If you are coming in from out of town, I can suggest hotels in downtown Colorado Springs. 

Each Body, Breath & Soul Immersion day also includes a 45 minute phone or Skype session prior to your Immersion and a 60 minute follow up call  - both to be scheduled within the month of your Immersion.

Sacred Silence

Joyful Devotion

Healing Clarity


Body Breath & Soul Immersion | $1,000.00 

Note: Body, Breath & Soul Immersions are by application only.

Schedule a 15-minute chat to see if an Immersion is a good fit for you.