As a master coach, mind-body educator and intuitive guide, I support women in business who are committed to their personal development work yet secretly wonder why the same unhelpful patterns keep showing up right when they feel ready to take a big leap into the next evolution of life and/or business. Based on cutting edge coaching psychology, the latest neuroscience, and ancient mind-body healing practices, my approach empowers you to shift the core patterns that stand between you and inspired, consistent action.  

Too many women who are on fire to do meaningful, life-changing work they love end up (or try to push through) anxious, and exhausted — depleted physically, emotionally and spiritually from over-striving. However, success that feels abundant, aligned and alive in the day to day doing is a natural expression of focusing on creating a strong foundation of strength and resilience to grow the life, and the business, that you envision. Expect transformation.

Tap into your authenticity, your Truth and your aliveness.