Welcome! I am so happy you are here.

This is going to be a life-changing, playful and powerful journey to a whole new relationship to money - to being the heroine of your future with money.

Here is what I know is absolutely true

  • You are supported in this process. By me, by the women who have gone before you, and most of all by your own wisdom and connection to the your own inner wealth of resources. Let yourself rest into the support that is available.
  • This is an adventure that is drawing you to live from a place of love, joy and appreciation. You are invited to experience the essence of thriving in your relationship with money (and therefore, life!)
  • It is time for you to express your gifts and talents to create a rich life of your choosing. You are the heroine of your financial flow.

Let’s Get Ready.

The Playbook, Journal and Timeline will arrive to you in the mail if you are new to this program. You will also have access to these resources digitally, but you will be getting a hard copy of the materials in the mail. To access the digital resources, download this letter in PDF form to save to your files and in the letter is the information you need to dive in and access your materials.

Get yourself organized. Might I suggest creating a special folder on your computer for the downloaded files and/or I also highly recommend you get a journal that is dedicated to this work (if you don’t want to use the books I send) or a document on your computer. This is a supremely kind act for you to take for yourself and for your financial flow. This is commitment in action, and it only takes a moment.

People who meet with success in Get Right with Money do the coursework! It is to your benefit to put time on your calendar for the next eight to ten weeks. On the classroom page, you can sign up to receive email reminders and loving nudges to keep going with the materials. Make the commitment. You will be so happy that you did!! And you know what? You are totally worth it.

What's Next

Be on the lookout in your mailbox for your course materials! If you have any questions, you can reach out to me via email: nona@nonajordan.com or for administrative issues, you can reach out to my VA, Jen Falci: jenfalci@gmail.com.

Finally, engage with the material at your own pace, in whatever way feels best for YOU. Enjoy!! This is going to be so fabulous!!


Your Money Lovin’ Guidess