Let Yourself be Held

Sacred Space Devoted to Restoring Your Sense of Innate Wholeness


Welcome to Held.

HELD is seasonal support for women in business as healers, coaches, teachers and practitioners who long for the space and invitation to fortify the earth of their bodies and their lives. Women who feel challenged finding the space and time to root themselves in the joy and aliveness of the moment. Women like you, who are seeking a community of like-minded sisters. Women, like you, who want to deepen their devotion to the sacred in their own lives. Women, like you, who want to be Held by the earth, Held by the Divine, and Held by me, your guidess, Nona Jordan. 

The space that I offer you in Held is healing, clarifying and amplifying -- if you think about a garden, the richness and the thickness of the topsoil is everything. It makes, or breaks, the health and vitality of whatever you are growing. Our focus in Held is about healing and amending your metaphorical topsoil -- opening you up to the natural healing powers of your body, your mind and your soul. Honing the clarity that emerges from being rooted into yourSelf. Amplifying the energy and the inspired action that is the natural impulse when you've created a strong foundation.

Offering yourself the gift of being Held is a deeply nourishing and healing act on behalf of not only yourself, but the work you are here to do. Now is the time to offer yourself the same space and generous attention that you lavish on others. This is your space and your invitation to sink in and receive, sister.

Let yourself be held.

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I created Held for you

Let me tell you why 


I'm your guidess, Nona Jordan

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I'm a CPA turned master coach, energetic healer, and wisdom guide. I remember the first time I realized that the game was rigged for me to lose -- I was 28 years old, working my ass off in corporate accounting as an SEC reporting manager, diligently practicing yoga and meditating everyday to try and stabilize the overwhelm of work.

It didn't work. 

At some point I realized that the 70 hour work weeks and the frenetic, dysfunctional pace was never going to change. I would never get ahead. In fact, it was guaranteed to get worse if I continued to climb the corporate ladder. 

So I stopped.

I stopped drinking first and dedicated myself to getting sober on my own terms. I stopped saying yes to every project at work and started to carve out time for cooking food and moving my body (a novel idea). Most revolutionary, I stopped working on weekends and instead got curious about what I might actually enjoy doing: I took cello lessons, I hiked in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, I took dance lessons, I sketched and I painted. I tried new things and clung to the small joys and successes as indicators that my future could be better, could be beautiful. 

Because I don't want to pretend -- this time was painful. Getting sober, cleaning up messes, clearing my mind and my life of ideas and people who were not operating in my best interests was really, really hard. I often characterize this time by saying it felt like running through tar. And, to add insult to injury, once I stopped centering my life and my energy around work and numbing myself with alcohol, it became clear that the place I was working wasn't interested in balance for it's employees. So basically, it felt like I lost everything though in the end, I gained everything I truly longed for.

It all began with a commitment and a devotion to tending mySelf - my body, my life, my desires, my creativity and yes, the tender parts and the broken aspects of my life, too. 

What does this have to do with Held? Well, everything, really. 

When I started my business as a coach, I noticed that I still had this strong urge to push, to deny my needs, to make everything about work and my obligations to my family until there was nothing left to give -- I got very curious about that pattern and noticed that a lot of the women who ended up in my practice wanting to build businesses were actually exhausted or in transition or dealing with trauma or addiction and trying to grow a business in depleted soil. 

Held is the antidote.

Held is the community and the wisdom that I wish I had access to when I was anxious as hell about my decision to actually take care of my own damn self.

Held is the sweet invitation to get grounded and take a breath that I wanted when the world around me was running around with their hair on fire, insisting I join them.

Held is the affirmation that I needed that I wasn't alone when I felt tender in recovery, and life felt like sandpaper against my skin.

Held is the outstretched hand that I longed for when I didn't quite know what step to take next.

Held is the nourishment of being supported by the earth and the divine to foster deep healing that I so needed when I couldn't feel my own wholeness. 

You will find this, and more, when you let yourself be Held.


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How you will be Held


What will it mean to be Held?

Seasonal Held Bundles: Each season, beginning at the solstice or equinox, you will receive a medicine bundle that includes a theme for you to work with via a story (I love telling stories), a sacred practice to help you deepen your own connection to earth and the divine for sustenance and healing and an invitation to create your own altar to what is alive in you. You are invited to go deep and narrow, trusting the magic of tending one rich practice each season. 

Tending the transitions rituals: At each transition, when people may come or go in the group, I will offer a ritual of transition via Facebook Live. The next turn of the wheel, the next cycle of growth and transformation is strengthened and made richer by the ways that we tend the transition. 

Group Energy Medicine: At the outset of each season, I will do a group Medicine Vision, or another type of energy medicine to create a strong energetic container and to support the collective, and your individual, desire for change and transformation. In essence, a Medicine Vision is part intuitive vision and part energy work. The intuitive vision is a love letter to the group from the Divine to hold and nourish you, while the energy work anchors the seasonal intentions into the group energy body.

Altar work: Altars are intended to help us change and, as part of Held, I create a special altar where I hold the circle of women in Held. Each day, I bless the group, pull a card and draw on plant medicine to support and strengthen each of you. In this way I hold each of you and invite the divine, and the earth, to hold you as well. 

Full moon gatherings: Near each full moon, we will gather via video conference. During these gatherings we will spend time Centering In — time to reflect and focus on healing, clarity, and connecting to deep wisdom through inquiry and journal work. There is ample time for you to share. The women in my circles attribute deep change to these calls alone.

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Join Held in 2019


Sign up for a season of being Held

Winter/Summer Season Investment $179
December Solstice
December 21st, 2018 - March 20, 2019

During this season, we will be rooting into the element of earth - finding stillness, finding steady footing and stability under our feet. You will be invited to slow down and focus on restoration, letting yourSelf slow down and be blessedly grounded. This is a beautiful way to begin the new year and what is often a frantic and rushed time.


With each season of HELD, you receive

  • An elemental Held Bundle with stories, invitations, and sacred practices such as breath work, journal prompts and visualizations. The rituals you craft from your bundle will nourish and delight you throughout the season.

  • Full moon gatherings are your sacred time to connect with, and be HELD by, the circle. Together we will Center In to your deep wisdom through led journal inquiry. You will feel renewed by these live gatherings. Calls will be held Thursdays near the full moon at 10am pacific/1pm eastern.

  • Energy medicine to support the group and you, deeply.

  • A group altar, held by me, for you and the group.

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    What Women Say 

    About Being Part of My Programs


    Immersive and Integrative Experience...

    I had my doubts about how much could be accomplished in three weeks, but boy was I wrong! Nona’s program was an incredibly immersive and integrative experience. The way she wove energy work, shamanistic elements and coaching practices together with her own personal stories took the learning to a whole new level. I’ve rarely been in a program so powerful and personally suited to me. I felt a real shift in an issue that’s been around as long as I can remember. And the circle of amazing women she created was such a safe space to share, to be supported - and to get great suggestions for new oracle card decks! My biggest take-away was a deeper knowing that I could - and must - trust my own divine gifts. I can’t recommend the experience of working with Nona enough!
    — Lisa Dunford

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    Transformational is the word...

    Kaliopi Round 2.png
    I am wowed, floored, gobsmacked and deeply grateful. Transformational is the word.

    This work, Nona’s presence, and the incredible connection with the other amazing women in the group, has helped me consistently stay in touch with my Inner Wisdom and be able to decide and operate from that place.

    I have unearthed and discovered layers of myself I never would have without her wisdom and insight.
    Nona has taken what she’s learned through personal experience and years of working on her own self, and translated it into the most profound, down-to-earth, life-changing teachings and practices.

    If you are ready to take your life to the next level - yes, your LIFE - then Nona’s your gal.
    — Kaliopi Nikitas

    I change in her presence...

    Nona is exquisitely gifted at evoking one’s deepest self and most powerful internal resources. I change and become more effective in her presence - sans the heavy lifting I used to mistake for progress. Some call that love in action.
    — Susan Kuhn
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    Let yourself be HELD, sister.

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    Do you have questions?

    Let's see if I have answers for you. 

    I would love to help you determine if Held is for you so please reach out.

    I want you to make the right decision for you.