Why is the focus for 2018 Resources? 

I'm going to be frank -- our global relationship to resources is bleak. Offering this series of courses at this juncture is MY sacred practice. It is a topic where I certainly have a lot of experience and knowledge, and yet, in the current climate of super storms, crazy fires, and climate change deniers as well as the overt bias toward the masculine and the fact that girls and women are still devalued in big and small ways, well for me, this is always a timely exploration and opportunity for healing and clear action.

Many of the women I serve have an ambivalent or a fractious relationship to money and their other resources. Women often unconsciously devalue themselves because it's the water we swim in. I offer these courses in the spirit of healing, clarity and empowerment.

Misogyny is certainly systemic and "in the air we breathe" and, yet there is great opportunity to devote ourselves to the sacred practice of freeing ourselves from the forced ideas that we aren't good with money, or business, that we can't rest, that our intuition, female bodies and emotions make us less valuable, that everyone else comes before us, that we are not worthy of what we desire... you get the point. None of these things are true and, I may not be able to change the over culture (yet), but I can invite as many women as I know to devote themselves to tending their resources, and our collective resources, as vital, valuable and worthy of fierce protection. Because that is true. Women have every right to be seen and treated as equals, not exploited and devalued and dismissed -- first and foremost, by themselves.

With sacred practice we change the paradigm from within-- our natural resources and feminine qualities become partners with the masculine to create a world where all resources are nourished and amplified instead of destroyed. It starts in the hearts, minds and sacred practice of women everywhere.

Will there be energy work to support the courses?

Oh, I am SO glad you asked. Yes. I will do a group Medicine Vision to create a strong energetic container to support our collective desire for change and transformation and, each of the women who join will also have an individual piece of energy work that will be provided for their year of Sacred Practice. If you are unfamiliar with the energy work and visioning that I offer, please do read more. In essence, a Medicine Vision is part intuitive vision and part energy work. The intuitive vision is a love letter to the group from the Divine on the adventure that awaits you, while the energy work anchors our intentions into the group energy body as we move through sacred practice.

What kind of results can I expect?

I think it's wise to answer this by telling you who this is likely not going to be suited for: 

  • This is not for you if you are looking for prescriptive "solutions" to the challenges you face. So, if you are wanting a detailed plan on how to tap into a 6-figure business, become a millionaire, game the system or in any other way want to fix, mend or soothe yourself through seeking external validation this is not for you. I deeply believe in guiding you to have, and to trust, your own experience and your own wisdom.
  • This is not for you if aren't interested in accessing the wealth of wisdom available through connection to the divine, to your intuition and to elements of life that science simply cannot explain... yet. Sacred practice is, at it's very essence, a spiritual and personal exploration of how you move through the world and practicing in fresh new ways to access healing, clarity, freedom and personal authority. 
  • It might go without saying, however, this is a group experience. If you don't feel comfortable in groups, particularly online groups, this really won't work for you. Groups thrive on each person showing up and being present - you miss out on so much if you aren't there.  
  • Boy do I love insight, but it means next to nothing without action. This is not about sitting back and hiding and certainly it's not about simply trying to visualize change or ask for magic to happen... magically. Be prepared for the sacred practice of consistent, wise action, sister. 

So, all that being said, The School of Sacred Practice is ultimately a safe-harbor to face your most pressing challenges with grace and grit in a community that is supportive. In turn, this will help you trust yourself, trust life and live a life that is far more aligned with your values and embrace that life IS, in fact, a series of moment of sacred practice.

Your results? You will experience transformation in your relationship to yourself and to the themes of The School. Beyond that, I don't know. My experience is that growth spills out and over into our lives in surprising ways. I'm looking forward to hearing about your experience should you decide The School of Sacred Practice is for you. 

What time are the live events? 

 So, we just moved to Africa and so I reserve the right to change times depending on feedback from the first course (and internet connectivity at different times here).

Right now, here is the schedule: 

  • Monday Centering in Calls will be held at 9am pacific/12 pm eastern time
  • Wednesday Live Facebook Q&A will be held at 5am pacific/8 am eastern time. This thread will be devoted to questions and thoughts related to the current week's work with the sacred practice. I will be live on the thread for an hour and then, I will still answer questions on that thread however, not in real time. 
  • Friday Receiving the Sacred Calls will be held at 10am pacific/1 pm eastern time. 

All calls will be recorded and made available to you on a special class page that is password protected, so, if you miss a call you will have a recording to listen to. 

Do you offer refunds?

When you choose The School of Sacred Practice, you are saying yes to a life-changing journey and I am with you every step of the way. I hold my investment in you and the group of women who will gather with you for every course, sacred. There are no refunds and the investment is non-transferrable. Let me tell you more about this policy.

The nature of an investment is to create abundance - to plant seeds, trusting that the seed will germinate, sprout, grow and blossom - and spread the bounty farther than you can possibly imagine. I fully expect that will be the case for you. I want as many women as possible to know their power and strength through The School of Sacred Practice. That is the nature of investing our energy - and the money you invest helps you put your resources of time and energy into being present for the sacred practice. As such, when you choose to invest in yourself, make sure you are all in. I would love to walk with you every step of the way. 

Do you still have questions?

If you have other questions that I can answer for you to determine if the courses in The School of Sacred Practice are for you, please reach out. I want you to make the right decision for you.