Hello beautiful you. 

I am embracing you in a virtual hug of gratitude and excitement. Are you ready to dive in?  

Working with a coach, combined with vibrational medicine, is a deep commitment to your spiritual unfolding and I honor that you have said YES to this journey.  I am 100% invested in witnessing your evolution, holding space for your experience, and offering my support and guidance.  

Below are some questions that will help us to make the most of our time together.

My love, I am so looking forward to walking with you.

Confidential Centering In Q&A 

The Basics
Name *
Address *
Health History
Please list any major illness, injuries, accidents or hospitalizations (with dates).
Patterns or emotions that are present for you, or have been prevalent in your history, including trauma and addiction.
List any other treatments/healings that you have engaged in over last year or are currently engaged with.
Where you are now
Rate your current level of satisfaction in the following areas *
Rate your current level of satisfaction in the following areas
My Physical Health is vibrant
I have a partnership that is satisfying and intimate
I have a strong and supportive community of friends
I am satisfied with my spiritual life
My work is purposeful and I enjoy what I do
My home life is happy
I take time for play and pleasure on a regular basis
I feel like I have enough money at my disposal
I appreciate and acknowledge the sacred resources that are available to me
Vision and Intention for our Work Together