Community Medicine Vision

Energy work + visioning for individual and community healing.

A Community Medicine Vision is part intuitive vision and part energy work. The intuitive vision is a love letter to our community from the soulful intelligence of life, while the energy work anchors your individual, and our community intentions, into your energy body for healing, clarity and deliberate action. Expect tears, insight and greater inspiration to act on your truth with courage.

Why this matters to you: During this particular time in history - when it seems as if the very ground beneath us is no longer solid, Community Medicine Vision offers unconventional wisdom, a dusting of magic and deep energetic support that calls on and clarifies the soulful intelligence that lives within you, within the community and within life itself. With intention, we set a course for a different experience. With intention, we open to grace and healing. With intention, we open to our own magic and the magic of unseen forces and allies. When we gather together in community, our intention - and our power to heal and envision a different future - is strengthened and amplified. 

Why this matters to me: When I have questions that are larger than my limited human capacity can address, I turn to unseen allies through visioning and I turn to the power of energy medicine. I am a practical, take action kind of gal, and at the same time, I have always relied heavily on a connection to information and wisdom that is decidedly not mine.  Community Medicine Vision is a way for me to offer the community a reminder of the incredible resources we all have access to that are beyond our limited scope of understanding. In doing so, you will find a place to rest and heal, as well as rich reminders of who you are and the personal authority you have to create change. My desire is for the Community Medicine Vision to provide healing and clarity that helps each of you feel supported in your desire for healing both individually and collectively - because truly, all boats rise together. My healing is yours and yours is mine. 

For the coming equinox, the Community Medicine Vision will explore Right Relationship.

Be part of a Community Medicine Vision if: 

  • You seek out energy work and believe in its efficacy. Listen, sister. Not everyone feels it. If you do, you will love this work. The energy work + visioning is potent, healing and clarifying. When it is in community, the potency is amplified by the power of the collective desire for transformation. 
  • You resonate strongly with storytelling, imagery and metaphor as tools of healing, guidance and clarity. Guidance and wisdom are most often presented to me through story and metaphor. I will invite you to open your heart and let your story and your perspectives shape-shift as I share the imagery and guidance that comes through me, for the community that gathers.
  • You value unconventional wisdom and the power of sacred tools and practices. You can certainly just sit back and open to receive, but I will also offer you ways to be a more active participant on your own behalf as part of the Community Medicine Vision. 


Unexpected pathways of healing, guidance, and wisdom await.

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Sacred Practice


Kind Words from Others

The Medicine Vision is a vital part of this piece I’m working around what I want to experience, what I want to craft. It has really helped to synthesize these rather abstract parts and pieces of my vision.
— AP
I am crying as I write, eyes blurry with the wetness of a river of healing. Your Vision rang so true, so deep in my soul that I am grateful to you/for you always.
— SW

September Equinox Community Medicine Vision Theme: Right Relationship

Right relationship - to self, to others and to earth - is one of our most potent sources of wealth. Relationships nourish and sustain us, grow us and support us. Relationship can also be a source of deep pain and wounding, leaving people feeling isolated and broken, disconnected from themselves and from life itself. We need our relationships to feel safe and supportive -- to elevate us and to help each of us feel seen and celebrated as vital parts of the whole. 

One of the most pervasive challenges I see women, and our society, facing is coming into right relationship with self and others. We are asking for more from each other and old structures of relationship are breaking apart - it can appear that the very fabric of our social agreements are dissolving. And that is why this is so important -- individually, we need to have a clear desire for healing. Collectively, we need to hold a vision that will help us create a new foundation for relationship that is sustainable and nurturing for all.

I want each of us to feel the joy of connection, the healing that is available in relationship, the love that is flowing toward us. I want each of us to feel the beauty of right relationship when there is harmony individually and collectively.

And so, our focus in this Community Medicine Vision as we move into a new season is to invite deep healing into our relationship with self, to others and to non-human nature. 

Our intentions and requests will circle around the theme of right relationship, including but not limited to:

  • Courage and clarity of speech - letting conflict and disagreement strengthen our relationships
  • Cultivating harmony and resonance individually and collectively
  • Connecting to the wisdom of the earth - sharing safety and support
  • Trust: Belief in the restorative nature of relationships
  • Reverence for life and inviting that to nourish relationships
  • Receiving necessary healing in order to come into right relationship
  • Discernment for when to let go and when to hold fast; and doing both with loving conviction
  • Strengthening boundaries with compassion


Curious? Want to know more? 

Using a blend of advanced energy healing and my unique form of intuitive visioning that I've done since childhood (and learned as an adult it was akin to shamanic journey work) -- I will attune to the guides and the energies that support our community intentions. From this sacred journey, I create an energy work chart based on sacred geometry and crystalline energy healing. While creating that chart and working with energy and intentions, I journey with the guides that transmit guidance and story to me, for our Community Medicine Vision. 

As part of your Medicine Vision, you will receive: 

  • Energy work done via distance, based on intentions I set for the community: The energy work anchors the intentions into our group, and into our individual energy bodies, to support transformation. Don't worry -- only the intentions that resonate for you will impact you. This is gentle and trustworthy energy medicine. 
  • A sweeping written account of the vision that I see which includes guidance from unseen forces and allies. I often think of this as a communique from the soulful intelligence of life. The metaphors and images hold teachings and information that often stay with you and 'keep working' on you and in your life for months, even years, to come.
  • An invitation to Sacred Practice: you are absolutely invited to receive and soak in the Community Medicine Vision. However, I will also invite you to take the insight and the guidance offered and make it a practice. I will offer you tangible ways to work with the healing energy over a period of time after the equinox, increasing the potency of the energy work in your life, which magnifies the power for the entire community. 
  • One magical extra: a tarot or oracle card may come forward that is relevant. It may be a piece of animal or plant wisdom. It's a surprise, even to me, what extra love will want to be made available for our community. 

As we get closer to the energy of the equinox, I will create space for the visioning and energy work, and based on the group and what is alive in the energetic space, I will craft our intentions. Please know that you are encouraged to bring your own personal intentions into the Community Medicine Vision via an intention I will make for the group. Your intentions and desire to heal and deepen into right relationship are present in the community healing energy. 

Cost to participate | $16.00

When you say yes, you will receive energy work/oracular guidance that is done on behalf of the group that gathers - our community. The energy work itself is sent back to you in a PDF that includes the images and story/teachings that I see and experience as I do the energy work. In many ways, it is something that your heart says yes to or no. What does your heart say? Is this for you?

Registration is now closed for the September Community Medicine Vision. 

About Your Guidess

As a master leadership coach, teacher and author, I support women who want to face the challenges of living and working well with courage, grace, grit and a generous dusting of the sacred. Utilizing modern coaching tools, sacred practices and unconventional wisdom, I am committed to your intentions and to supporting you in the daily practices that amplify your wealth of resources. I want you to experience soul-level success that feels like success today and in the long-term. 

My background in corporate accounting as well as being a long-time yogini, intuitive guide and energy worker has deeply shaped me and the way I work with women. I believe we need the sacred as much as we need the practical to creative lives, and work, and communities that are vibrant and healthy.

I am the author of Surf Lessons: Exploring the Power of Nature to Awaken Abundance, available at, as well as the creator of Get Right with Money, a world-renowned course on building a better relationship with yourself and your financial resources. In addition to individual work, I lead vibrant, online courses and mastery circles for women around the world. 


Community Medicine Vision is a way for me to offer something beautiful, that reminds us all who we are, and helps us each to reflect on how we wish to show up in the world. My fervent wish is that the Community Medicine Vision provides healing, clarity and helps each of you see what I see when I look at you: beauty, power and wealth. I hope you will join me in this sacred practice of Community Medicine Vision. May this support you, and the entire community, to recover and re-member your most authentic and powerful self.