Get Right with Money

A self-directed course to take you and your money to a whole new level of ease

As a healing practitioner, spiritual teacher, coach or creative entrepreneur, you want to generate a life supportive income making a meaningful contribution doing the work you love so much.

Your biggest ally when inviting in abundance and your ideal financial flow through your business is your money - specifically your relationship to your money.

Maybe you have always told yourself, "I'm just not good with numbers." so you ignore your money. Or perhaps you're frustrated by the lack of income your business is generating so you are afraid that there will never be enough. Or maybe you just recognize that no matter how much or how little money there is, you still feel that well of anxiety.

Truth: money is a vast and powerful energy that wants to support the life you choose to create. Creating your own unique and life-giving financial flow relies on a relationship of respect with your money and a devotion to the spiritual practices that amplify your relationship to money.  Through sacred practice and deep shifts in your energy, you are invited to create a relationship like any other - one that requires honesty, trust, love and respectful action.

This relationship is what creates - or blocks - your financial flow. Let's turn it into a relationship of love.

Are you ready to Get Right with Money?

I want to Get Right with Money

Effective, playful, and powerful sacred practices to take you and your money to a whole new level of joyful ease.

Whether you are growing a business or growing a family (or both), as an intuitive, spiritually-minded woman, when you Get Right with Money it supports abundance in all aspects of your life - from building a more profitable business to creating a legacy of true wealth to fostering financial integrity in your relationships.

Get Right with Money is right for you if:

  • You want to increase your income.

  • You want to increase your feelings of self-worth and confidence.

  • You want to drop the fear around money.

  • You want to feel and experience financial freedom (which is 100% an inside job!)

  • You want to claim your place as the heroine of your financial story forevermore.

  • You want a kind, respectful relationship with money.

Is that you? Are you ready to fall in love with your funds? 

The Whats + Whys of Get Right with Money

This course is based on eight simple yet powerful principles and sacred practices of energetic alignment and action. A powerful framework to help you Get Right with Money and nurture a fluid, ease-filled relationship with your finances.

Workshop One: Love Changes Everything - Do you want to be around people that ignore you and yell at you and tell you that you are the source of their problems? Yeah, me neither. I know I used to treat money like this and money used to run and hide!! When you begin to look at you + money as a relationship, it is a game changer energetically and practically for you and your money. You will actually WANT to engage with your money as a spiritual resource that requires your devotion.

Workshop Two: Clean Out Your Financial Closets - To create a future of flow, you have to clean out the debris from the past. When you clean up the past, you make room for what you want in this moment and in the future. Done with love, this is a strong statement of intent to your money and the Universe that you are serious. You are going to start cleaning up the skeletons that keep you from feeling financially fit and flowy. (Yes, I made that word up.)

Extra:: Your Money Legacy - A VITAL workshop to surface and explore the unconscious imprints regarding money that are at work in your life so you can release them and cultivate a legacy that supports what you truly desire!

Workshop Three: Learn to Love Your Numbers - Building on love and cleaning up the past, you will begin looking at your cash flow. Making space for loving awareness of how cash moves in and out of your life today (without judgement, of course) creates the causes and conditions for more money to arrive - and stay - with you. You will create ways to engage with your money that you LOVE to keep up with! (we're talking systems and foundational sacred practices...)

Workshop Four: You + Money is a Forever Kind of Thing - When you commit to your relationship with money, you are creating the future in this moment. By seeing you + money as a long-term item, you will start aligning your financial choices today with the future you intend - a future of wealth and abundance. Won't it feel good to start investing in your financial future?

Workshop Five: Money isn't Responsible for Meeting Your Needs - Money isn't the answer to any of life's important questions. Get clear on how to meet your needs without money and you create the ultimate freedom of choice. This week will teach you to go from financial victim to peaceful empowerment.

Workshop Six: Define Your own Vision of Financial Flow - What would wealth look like to you at the deepest core level? Wealth is not all about money - wealth is about a life well lived with ease and happiness. "Should" is the enemy of your highest good - having a vision of the life you want to lead is a powerful catalyst for aligning your actions for success.

Workshop Seven: Live, Work and Spend with Integrity - Calibrate the way you generate income, live your life, spend and invest with your highest and wisest self. Money and abundance is magnetized to this level of alignment of energy and action with your vision. Trusting yourself and acting on your deepest wealth of wisdom is a surprisingly effective strategy for creating the results you crave in business and your bank account.

Workshop Eight: Let it Flow - Celebrate the flow you are creating and recognize your innate power to cultivate - and grow - your own vision of financial flow. You will have the tools and practices that work for YOU and your vision of financial flow.

This course will support you in becoming the heroine of your financial story - energetically, emotionally and practically.

Stepping into financial flow is a lifetime practice of fluid alignment and adjustment. If you want to create success on your terms and a legacy of wealth and abundance, then now is the time to nurture the causes and conditions that increase the flow.

Alumni Experiences:

  • Increased income “I am experiencing my most profitable months yet!!”

  • Feeling worth it, "I have stopped giving away my services and clients are paying me!"

  • What felt scary (money + finances), no longer does, "I have faced the fear of looking at money and I'm confident now!"

  • No more anxious hiding, "I am prepared for tax time, staying current with my finances, paying down debt, and even saving money!"

  • A sense of empowerment and ownership over financial future, "I can and WILL create the future I desire - I know now that I can."


You are the one you've been waiting for.


Ready? Let's GO!

The Get Right with Money self-study course includes:

  • A beautiful, 100+ page playbook, a Dear Money love note journal and a Money Timeline both in the mail AND digitally (so you can get started right away). There is nothing like a physical reminder of the commitment you have made to Get Right with Money to keep you moving forward. 
  • Weekly email reminders for 10 weeks to invite you to stay engaged with Get Right with Money. 
  • 9+ hours of audio workshops that lead you through the Playbook and the exercises. Put an hour a week on your calendar and the Playbook and the audio workshops will lead you to a transformed relationship with money (and yourself).  
  • Additional resources added periodically to support your deepening, sacred relationship to your wealth of resources. {Most recently, a workshop on having productive money conversations that amplify intimacy with those you love.}
I want to Get Right with Money

What people say

Until Get Right With Money, I had spent my life being afraid of money and avoiding it. I was 43 years old and renting, living paycheck to paycheck despite a good salary, and with little in savings. My husband and I had financial goals but no idea how to meet them. I met Nona and knew it was time to Get Right With Money.

The course delivered in every way. I went from being fearful to empowered, from avoiding to engaged, and found the courage to bring my husband along, too. I know now where our money goes. I plan for big expenditures. We went from saving 0% of our income to saving 40%! We are now on track to meet our financial goals for buying a home, sending our kids to college and retiring. This success has radiated into other areas of my life, too. I feel powerful, brave and capable in a way I just did not before.

Nona is a fantastic coach: knowledgeable, skillful and loving. I wholeheartedly recommend Get Right With Money, or any of Nona’s offerings, to anyone who is ready to be her own financial heroine.
— — Allison Evans, Women's Empowered Birth and Parenting Coach

I decided to work with Nona because I really wanted to focus on growing my business without so much fear and hesitancy - to achieve more financial security and confidence in my worth.

After working with Nona, I feel hopeful for the first time in years. My money is in my control - not just something that happens to me. I now happily track my money and I decide where it goes and how to put it to work in my life. I have already seen a return on my investment through increased business income - it was well worth every penny!

You will be amazed by the growth you will experience working with Nona - I highly recommend her!
— Denise Cannellos, Cancer and Disease Nutritionist

I signed up for Get Right with Money because I was always afraid that I would never have enough money - I wanted to earn more to feel comfortable and happy and to stop feeling like money was the source of my misery! The shifts I’ve experienced taking this course have been major! In three months time, I’m making more than I was making at my corporate job and instead of feeling like money is the enemy, I know now that money is my friend and ally. I see abundance wherever I turn and I know that I can make as much money as I want now. If you have fear about generating income or you feel blocked from earning more, I would absolutely recommend Get Right with Money!

Thank you, Nona. You’ve opened up the world for me.
— Beatriz Alemar, BlackCat Strategy

Nona Jordan is pure money magic! Seriously! Every single time I take her class, and I have three times now, I have taken a leap to the next level in my business and my relationship with money and finances. Everything she says just plain makes sense. But not in a boring, put me to sleep way, in a sit up and get all excited way! She helped me with everything from the nuts and bolts of caring for and tracking my money, supporting me in uncovering unconscious stories and beliefs about money, and best of all is the energy work she does that holds and supports all of the wisdom and brilliance she brings to the table. Everything starts with energy. Once that’s in place then things just plain shift. Nona Jordan so gets the energetics of money. If you want to have a more peaceful and loving relationship with money, Nona is your gal. Oh, and did I tell you she laughs a lot and you’ll actually have fun? You will!
— Melani Marx, Master Energy Healer

Nona’s Get Right with Money helped me see that my relationship with money and work is something I can absolutely handle - no need for confusion or overwhelm. Since the very first class my perspective has shifted dramatically and I’m doing things way differently...including: raising my rates without apology, firing a client that was draining my energy, and, for the first time in 6 years of business, I’m ready for tax time instead of scrambling with scraps of paper at the deadline. Even better: for the first time in 11 years, my husband and I sat down and took a serious look at our finances...together. Big, huge changes, both inside and outside — it’s amazing to be right with my money!
— Crystal Wood, Writer & Editor

I have never felt comfortable with money and have always looked for ways to abdicate fiscal responsibility. Not any more! Through Nona’s brilliantly insightful program Get Right With Money, I have addressed long held legacy beliefs that kept me playing small, embraced my true desires, explored my cash flow with compassionate curiosity and had a bare accounting conversation with my husband (not as kinky as it sounds!). It’s been a truly epic journey, but at each stage I have been profoundly supported by Nona to mindfully approach money mastery. Get Right With Money has finally persuaded me to put on my big girl money pants - self-responsibility has never been so sexy!
— Amy Palko, PhD.

Are you ready to dive in?

I want to Get Right with Money

It's Your Time to Get Right with Money

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't want to think about finances - I would rather let ____________ do it. Why is this important, anyway?

It is vital to your financial flow to be fearless - and friendly - with your finances. Being clear about where you stand helps you make better decisions that will take you toward your true desire for success and financial reward. I spent years "knowing" what to do with my finances, but I didn't do it. I struggled instead and avoided looking at what was really going on. Only in looking at money and finances with courage and compassion, can you create the wildly successful business that you most desire. That doesn't mean you have to write the checks.  But I would invite you to experience a more loving relationship with money and your finances and see what happens both internally and externally.

I hate budgets and spreadsheets, so will this work still help me?

As a CPA, I DO love a good spreadsheet. But I tell you, this work is not about restriction or budgets or scary spreadsheets. When your energy around money and your worth is clear, you are present and aware of the decisions you are making. You know where you are in space and time. You are current with yourself and with your true desires. You don't need a budget to reign you in - you will lovingly take the right action when you are right with money. 

I suck with numbers - accounting scares me...

All the more reason to take a look!!  Seriously, hear me out!  The things that scare you hold tremendous information. They also block your flow - if you are absolutely committed to keeping your head in the sand, dead-set against looking at your accounting systems, or hate the idea of talking about your finances with your significant other, you are using up a huge amount of energy resisting and hiding from the truth. When you own your finances and start showing up - the floodgates of energy can go where they are really useful... creating financial flow. You have nothing to lose but a crappy story about your abilities and a new, powerful stance of claiming your financial destiny to gain.

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