Breathwork Evaluation

Hello beautiful you,

To support our efforts to offer you exactly what you need from breathwork facilitation, we ask you to take a few moments and fill out the Facilitator Evaluation Form.

These forms are reviewed by Nona and are kept fully confidential. The information provided will serve as feedback to support the refinement of the breathwork process. You can choose to keep your name off the form, and your feedback will remain anonymous.

Thank you for participating!

The facilitator was well prepared for your session. *
The presentation of the breathwork model is clear and understandable. *
The facilitator guided you in the formulation of an intention with sensitivity and presence, addressing your individual needs. *
The space was quiet, safe and comfortable, with few distractions.
The facilitator demonstrated an awareness of individual needs in choosing the appropriate posture for the session, as well as modifying it through propping. *
The facilitator's choice of music was supportive in cultivating a state of relaxation as well as enhancing self awareness. *
The facilitator demonstrated good communication skills in guiding you through the breathwork practices. *
The facilitator demonstrated a mastery of timing and flow (not moving too fast or too slow) in guiding you through the breathwork practices. *
The facilitator was fully 'present' with you in guiding you through the breathwork practices, cultivating an atmosphere of safety and support. *
The facilitator emphasized throughout the session the importance of developing a relationship of receptivity and inquisitiveness with the breath rather than trying to control it. *
The facilitator allowed adequate time during the breathwork practices for following instructions and to cultivate an inner sensory awareness. *
The facilitator allowed adequate time for relaxation and silence at the end of the breathwork practice. *
The facilitator addressed the pre- and post-recommendations for participating in breathwork in a clear and concise manner, emphasizing self-responsibility. *
The facilitator demonstrated confidence and sensitivity in making sure that you left the session grounded with a sense of completion. *