Breathe Your Way to Vitality

Dear sister. I see your exhaustion. Your anxiety. Your dedication to putting everyone before yourself. I hear the tiredness in your voice as you describe the ongoing doubts, the niggling health issues and the pervasive sense that there simply isn't enough: time, energy, money... there isn't enough of you to go around. 

Dear sister. I hear your struggle to trust yourself. Your head and your heart often arguing, keeping you spun up and uncertain about how to move forward. I feel the undercurrent of trying to fix yourself, to force yourself to do better or be different, but nothing is broken.

Dear sister. Is it time to give yourself space to set it all down? To let your body heal? To listen to the wisdom that is yours and yours alone?

Let's breathe. 

To embody the changes you wish to make in your life, I invite you to breathe. Through the transformative power of working with the breath, drum journey work, and the sacred body, you cultivate an intimacy with yourself and your deepest knowing, not transcending the human experience (which is often what meditation and yoga and other spiritual practices are about at their core). You are not a monk or a yogi sitting in a cave - working with the breath and with the body you will be inviting the life of freedom, truth and vitality that is natural to you and you alone. 

The breath is a healing force - opening you to grounded clarity as you access and come into a deeper trust of the wisdom of your body. 

This has a profound impact on how you show up for the work that is yours to do, sister. 

Please note: you are able to cancel your subscription to Sanctuary Sessions at any time. If you choose to cancel, your subscription will be available for the current month, but will be cancelled for all future months.

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Breathwork is transformative.

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After I sent my husband off to Africa in 2015 and moved from Hawaii to Colorado, I realized just how frayed I had become. I recognized that all the yoga, all the meditating and all of the energy healing and coaching wasn't able to keep my nervous system from going into overdrive in response to the littlest things. I was tense. I was tired. I was wired. None of my go-to paths of healing were helping my body.  I wanted to increase my resilience in the face of our ever-shifting life. 

A few friends mentioned breath work to me when I explained my struggle. I had learned breath control {pranayama} as part of my training as a yoga teacher, but this felt different (because it is). I jumped into an intensive training and devoted significant time to the continued study of instinctual and embodied methods of healing, meditation and attuning to the deep knowing of the body. My intention going in was to develop a more resilient nervous system so I could say YES more readily to my life - that was it. 

What I received is so much more.

  • My internal "engine" of anxiety vanished. What was left was contentment and quiet joy. This was shocking and a little disconcerting. After all, I had identified myself with that buzzy driven feeling for my whole life. Now I identify with a sense of peace and honest connection with my truth.

  • Increased sleep and energy. I've had years of disrupted sleep patterns. Rarely, anymore, do I suffer with insomnia. I sleep well and my energy is far more constant and ease-ful. This had given me back productive hours in each and every day.

  • An ever-deepening sense of embodied change. You know how you have times you "know" something but it doesn't seem to stick in actions/practice? Yeah, me too. I am finding that things I've wanted to change forever (using my voice more truthfully, and not holding back being one thing off the top of my head I've gone around and around with for years) are changing far more easily.

  • A bone-deep trust of mySelf. Is there anything worse than feeling broken? Like you have to "fix" yourself? Though there are days I have doubts, for the most part, I'm experiencing an unshakable trust - in my body, in my life, in my capacity to live fully and taste ALL of life. Not only is this amazing from the perspective of knowing what I want and what action is right in the moment, but it is deeply satisfying to trust the process.

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Breathwork isn't magic, but it feels like magic. 

Here’s the thing… space and silence are a precious commodity that we have less of as the world speeds up.  To be loving, purposeful humans during this particular time in history, we need more space devoted to regeneration - to listen closely to the pulse of our own wisdom without the noise of the world clamoring for our attention. Not only is this healing, but it is a master key to wise action, feeling abundant and knowing personal truth. 

What this could mean for you.  

I, like most of you, have done endless amounts of "work" on myself - personal development is in my blood. What I know for sure is that most every modality I've ever tried has been an attempt to stay mostly in my mind and avoid my body and my emotions -  what I've found is that the body is sacred. That through the breath, you access incredible healing. It's where the love, the joy, the beauty and the acceptance live. In the body is where clarity and right action are initiated. 

Everything originates within your sacred body, sister. 

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Ready to Get Started?

Body, Breath & Soul Sanctuary Sessions are a group experience. We gather live two-times per month: mid-month on Friday and the last Sunday of each month to breathe consciously and utilize active imagination for healing, clarity and vibrancy. 

Here is what you can expect: 

  • 2, Monthly 90-minute sessions. These sessions are a gift you give yourself - one mid-month call on Fridays and the last Sunday of each month we will gather live via Zoom. Choose one, or both, live calls or, listen to a recording on your own time. No matter, this a sacred container that supports healing, clarity and access to your own deep knowing. Combined with the energy of a loving circle of women and this sacred space is priceless in its value.

  • Energy work and tools of wisdom and intuition. Each month, I call you in and hold you and your intentions via energy work — a mini Medicine Vision to support you.

  • A growing library of archived Sanctuary Sessions. You will be able to work with breath work recordings on your own. One new recording is added each month. Note that I will not record the parts of the session where you, or other women, are sharing. What is said in Sanctuary Sessions, stays in Sanctuary Sessions.

  • An online gathering space with the other women of Sanctuary. A space to share your experiences (if you are unable to be live on the calls) and to ask questions, I find that the connections forged with others are as healing as the breath and journey work.

Investment | $37.00 per month

Are you ready for growth and transformation in unexpected ways? Join me for Body, Breath & Soul Sanctuary Sessions.

When, again? 10:00 am pacific/1pm eastern both mid-month on Fridays and the last Sunday of the month.

Join a circle of intimacy, trust and safety as we enter into group breath work and active imagination as a path to healing, clarity and deep knowing. And of course, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

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Want to know more about the flow of a session?

Each Body, Breath & Soul Sanctuary Session is 90-minutes long. Here are the elements of a typical session:

Creating the Container

Through energy and intention, I craft a sacred container for our circle: the divine container for our Body, Breath & Soul Sanctuary Sessions. I offer a mantra based on energy and intention for our sessions to hold the energy and set the tone for the breath.  

Intention & Commitment

Your intention and/or commitment may change session to session, or it may remain the same throughout your sessions. Each session, I will invite you to check in with what is currently happening in your life - this allows you to bring that which you wish to embody into the somatic practice of the breath. By setting intention and asking, not only do you open to incredible healing but you also open to the deep knowing of the body which offers up answers, guidance, and clarity for your life. It is incredibly spiritual healing work with profound application in our day to day lives.

Opening, Deep Rest & Healing

Each session begins, with deep relaxation - an invitation to open the body and welcome the movement of the natural breath. This softening of the body releases the tension that stands between you and the sacred knowing of the body and prepares you to connect with the mystery within you for healing, clarity and guidance. Each session ends with a shamanic drum journey. The breath soften us, thinning the veils — making the shamanic journey work more potent, healing and clarifying. The combination of the breath (a natural portal to our deepest wisdom) and shamanic drum journey work is a super highway to deep knowing and sweet healing.

Modification and the Innate Breath

The heart of the breath work is the time spent listening and being present to the pulse of your life force. Opening to the wholeness and wisdom that already operates within you while I'm facilitating and guiding the breath.

The active breath practice alternates between light modification of the breath - not to fix or mend or change your breathing patterns, but to encourage the instinctual breath to move in more natural ways, which is deeply healing, inviting embodiment -- a revealing of your true self that fosters greater trust. By doing gentle modifications of the breath, we invite the innate breath to move into the space where it will affirm your wholeness and heal the body, unravel tensions and release energy. 

This type of session makes space for your body’s Divine Intelligence to move through you for healing and transformation.  

Emotions, Thoughts and Movement

Opening the body through the breath invites deep healing. 

Emotions happen. When you are living into an intention for change and growth, there will be clearing. Feel what needs to be felt with as much openness and compassion as you can. Welcome your whole, human/divine experience. Breath work can definitely amplify the release of the “issues in the tissues”. No matter what arises, I’m here to walk with you and I also know that you’ve got this. The breath will only surface that which is ready to be released. 

What about thoughts and physical sensation? The natural state of our minds is not stillness and quiet - our minds are made to think. If thoughts arise, just notice them! When we drop into healthy meditative states, it is absolutely normal to cycle between thoughts, emotions and profound quiet, over and over. The best policy is to not push any part of your experience away be it thoughts or emotions or physical sensations - stay with it as the compassionate witness and watch it release, shift, or transform as you ride the breath into a state of embodiment. I encourage you to move your body if the body feels the need to move - building trust means trusting yourself fully, including the impulse for the body to move. 

Between Sessions

Between sessions, you will have access to recordings of our live sessions to work with to deepen your experience and enhance your movement toward intimacy with yourself and with life itself. By offering yourself space to practice on your own, you will deepen your sense of self-trust and connect you deeply to your unshakable, embodied truth. Check out the books and resources I recommend to my clients

I know you are going to love it. 

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What People are Saying about Breath Sessions

When I discovered Nona’s breath sessions, I’d already been on a healing journey for years. I’d suffered chronic illness and had enjoyed a great deal of relief through mind-body practices and Nona’s wonderful Wild Wealth Collective. But even with all that relief, I could sense that my nervous system was still keyed up and that there was even more healing that wanted to happen.

What a transformation! Each breath session is simple, but somehow ripples out into every facet of my body and life. My breath is expanding and my nervous system is calming. But I didn’t expect to release old traumas, to grow so anchored and skilled in my body, and to feel so energized by each session! And there’s no way I could have imagined my deep sense of knowing, of trust in who I am and connection to my intuition, that has grown from Nona’s masterful breath guidance.

I’m simply reveling in the organic shifts that have come from such subtle work. I show up, get cozy, and relax while Nona remotely guides me through breath practice. It’s that easy. But then throughout the following days, I can feel old constrictions in my body (and, frankly, my very way of being) release, replaced by more ease and joy than I’ve felt in...well, decades.

Come breathe with us! If you’re in pain, stressed, or simply curious about breath sessions or Nona, I highly recommend you take a breath and give yourself this amazing experience. Breath sessions with Nona have improved my breathing, my health, and my life.
— - Jennifer Shryock, Master Coach

Working with Nona is like stepping into a magic chamber. I knew from past experiences that working with Nona would lead to new insights and transformation — the breath took me to a completely different level of understanding and embodiment.

Initially I thought the sessions would be about learning to “do” breathing right. Instead, it was all about letting the life force that comes in with every breath teach me and heal me. In each session, Nona helped me really understand how the way I was breathing (or not breathing) was a great illustration for where things were flowing (or not flowing) in my life, helping me to connect with my body and the wisdom there.

What has been most surprising is how much more relaxed I can allow myself to be about the “shoulds” and “doings” of my life. I have more trust in the process of life’s unfolding and I’m not as self-conscious about getting everything right all of the time. I highly recommend Body, Breath & Soul with Nona — it will connect you to the wisdom your body is just waiting for you to discover within!
— Jill Farmer, Master Coach and Speaker

Nona’s work is transformative and lasting — the combination of coaching and the breath helped me experience deep peace and renewal during a challenging time, leading to a greater sense of grounded clarity in how to move forward.

Work with Nona if you want to feel deeply seen and supported through change — you can relax into her most capable and awesome hands.

— Helen Samson Mullen PhD, Leadership Coach