Get what you pay for

This post was inspired by a conversation I had with a coach last week about pricing, providing value as a service provider and the thought, "I deserve to get what I paid for." It was SUCH a great conversation, I just had to share with y'all. I would love to hear what you think.

You sign up for a program, or some coaching...

You have expectations. You are excited. Then, you get into it and the shine wears off, it's less interesting to show up. You start thinking, "I'm not getting what I paid for." You may even start nursing a resentment or some stories about what this means about the value of coaching, healing or the person running the program. 

So listen sister. I've been there.  

One of the BEST things about being in this arena is that it brings up all the shizzle - whether we are the client or we are the creator. If you are in business for yourself, it is really important to get clear on how YOU get what you pay for so you don't end up screwing yourself out of a thriving business.

Let's start with you. 

How to get what you pay for.

Have a clear intention. When you decide to sign up for a coaching relationship or a program, have an intention.  This is the result that you are interested in getting to or moving toward. That intention can shift over time (obviously) but holding that clear intention is key. 

Know that you are not paying for something outside of yourself (unless it's more like consulting) When you sign up for a program or coaching, you are saying yes to your own commitment. No one is going to fix you or your perceived issue - what you are doing is having your coach, your healer or a group hold the space for you to do your own work. Yes, you are going to receive insights, probably new ideas and energy but the change you want? YOU are the only one who can do that. 

Show up for yourself over and over. So getting what you pay for is about you and how you how up. Coaching or groups cannot fix you, I invite you to enter into the contract knowing you are fully responsible. The promises that are made by coaches? By healers? By intuitive practitioners?  Those are resonant intentions - getting there is ultimately about you showing up.

If you don't feel like you are getting what you want... 

If you don't feel like you are getting what you want from your coaches or the programs you sign up for, the person you must look to is yourself. Have you spoken clearly? Have you asked for what you need? Are you showing up for the work? What ARE you learning and taking away from this experience that is invaluable - perhaps even more valuable than your original intention?

This is how you ensure you get what you pay for - you speak up, you know your own heart, evaluate if you've been showing up, and respond honesty to your own experience (otherwise known as responsibility). Once you look at your own part, you may decide to stay, or that it isn't the right coach or program for you. 

And sister, no matter what, that level of self-responsibility  and learning is powerful. 

This plays into how you value your own work.

All of the above applies to your contract with your clients. 

When people come into your practice for coaching, or healing or any kind of service or program, no matter what the price, they are investing in themselves and having you hold space for them to have their own process. 

It isn't about something you have to do FOR them or FIX for them -  I would go so far as to say you CANNOT fix your clients. Yes you are going to be there and you are going to hold space and you are going to coach or teach or heal like the bad ass that you are AND they might choose to reject it, they could choose to ignore it or be angry that you aren't fixing them and guess what? That isn't your problem. 

Your job is to give your client room to figure it all out. To believe in your clients' sovereign capacity to heal themselves, do the hard work, make the decisions and get where they want to go. To know that they will get back what they invest and then some when they show up and take responsibility for their own experience. 

To hold that kind of space and solidly charge a price that is resonant for YOU, you must understand your relationship to your own expectations. If you are expecting coaches or programs to fix you on some level, you will always expect yourself to be fixing your clients and question the value of what you are offering - because it's impossible to take responsibility for other's work.

You cannot fix someone else and if you are expecting that from others, you are likely believing that's what others expect from you... and you KNOW you cannot guarantee that, which makes valuing your services tricky, right?

When you understand and embrace the idea that your clients are investing in themselves, the price becomes a function of internal resonance - what will nourish your business and feed your life. If your clients show up for themselves, they will get what they paid for. Always. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Now go forth, and get what you pay for so you can really, truly help your clients do the same while generating a life-affirming income. 

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