Effort Required

I do not believe in quick fixes.

In our culture of get rich quick and instant gratification, it can be difficult to remember that mastery of anything requires an investment of time and energy. I believe that when we look for the quick fix we do ourselves, and our greatest work, a gigantic disservice.

To me, we are on a hero's journey.

I've pursued my share of "quick fix" solutions and the one thing I've learned over and  over is that when I find myself lured by the promise of something coming quickly and without much effort on my part, I am engaged in magical thinking - not wanting to take responsibility for the outcome I desire.  I am looking for something outside of myself to fix me. I want life to be easier.

It's a great distraction from doing what I KNOW needs to be done.

Effort doesn't mean it has to be hard.

But you know sometimes it is.

Instead of wanting it to be easy, to be fixed for us, perhaps it would be better to ask for strength and courage for the way ahead.  To ask that we are able to face the obstacles as we take one step, and then the next.

To ask that we can be at peace with the effort that is required of us.

Are you willing?

The women that really take the most away from working with me are the ones who are willing to commit to themselves. They know that there isn't a quick answer or fix that will magically cure their sense of worth, help them heal their money legacy, create a new legacy, or take the practical actions they need to take to get their financial house in order.

They know, deep down, that they are the master of creation in their lives and they are willing. They say, "Yes" to themselves, day after day.

So what would it be like?

To feel great about charging for your amazing services?

To know where you stand, financially?

To make decisions that are aligned with your true business desires?

To embrace and OWN the work you came to do?

Is it worth the effort that is required?

It's important to ask yourself, "Am I ready to do the work?  To dig deep?"

And if the answer is no today, be okay with that. Trust yourself.

But if it IS your time, know that the women who create a peaceful relationship with money and prosperity and business success are willing to do the deep inner - and outer - work. They actively commit to aligning their beliefs about money, work and worth, their energy, and their practical, day to day actions - for success.

They are willing to step through fear and do what needs to be done.

Where are you willing to make the effort today? 

Celebrate that willingness.  And then give it all you've got.

Namasté, business yogini!

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Posted on April 26, 2012 and filed under Get Right with Money, Money & Worth, Must-Read.