The "Truth" About Wealthy People

Research has now "proven" what so many suspect.

Yes, rich people are unsympathetic assholes, to paraphrase this article on LearnVest daily. Financially wealthy people have no empathy, they lack social skills, they are selfish, and more unethical than people who are broke.

So all of you that would like to make a good living doing ethical, purpose-driven work, based on your empathy and social skills? Well, if you make a lot of money doing it, you are destined to become a class-A jerk.

Your worst nightmare come true.

Bull. Shit.

This legacy belief about financial means is SO pervasive and it is complete and utter crap.

As a kid, I remember a consistent message that money ruined people - that it was impossible for someone with financial wealth to be a good person. Hell, in the book of Matthew in the bible it says, "Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."

So even the church has attributed shitty properties to people with money. We're practically born with this story, aren't we?

That must mean that if you are kind and empathetic and you want to help heal the world that you are doomed to being poor. And that only in that state of poor-ness can you possibly hope to STAY kind, empathetic, compassionate and retain your social skills.

Well, you will find what you look for.

I know plenty of people who are financially well-off who are lovely, generous, kind and amazing people who are doing incredible work to heal our world. And I've also known poor people who would take your breath away with their cruelty and short-sighted behavior.

There is rich and abundant evidence for ANY and ALL of it.  If you want to believe that rich people are slimy jerks, I bet you will find that to be true.  If you believe that wealthy people do amazing and world-changing work in the world, you can find that as well. Because here is the thing - people are people. Some use their powers for good, and others just don't.

The bottom line is that you get to choose.

True Desires.001
True Desires.001

And yogini, please do.

Because tell me - do you think it would even be POSSIBLE to build a successful business that brings you financial stability, let alone wealth, if you have an underlying legacy belief that people who have money suck? Even if you generate a lot of income, I am going to bet that it won't stick around if you have bought into this legacy that so many have about financial wealth.

Pursue the beliefs and the actions that create what you truly desire.

You get to choose who you want to be in the world - like the ethical, empathic, and world-changing women I know you are. In addition, you can ALSO decide you would like to be financially stable and cultivate inner - AND outer - wealth on your terms - including a wealth of friends, love, laughter, inner peace, travel, philanthropy, and yes, money... whatever true wealth means to you.

Don't let anyone tell you there is an "upside" to broke - OR to wealthy.

You decide for you, yogini.  YOU decide the truth for YOU.

Namasté, business yogini!

Nona Jordan

I'm Nona Jordan: master certified coach, energy worker and former CPA. I support coaches, healing practitioners, and creative entrepreneurs who are ready to discover the wealth within themselves. I match your fierce commitment with loving support and visionary inspiration to help you chart a course for financial and business success through clear vision, inspired action and play (yes, play). When you embody the power of your true nature you lay claim to a way of living that is incredibly meaningful and aligned with the truth of who you are and the life you are here to live.