It's not about the plan


I seriously love a good plan.

Healers, teachers, and coaches usually do not like to think of themselves as business people -- and there is often this erroneous belief that if they could only create a great plan, everything would be okay and they will succeed.

Plans are important, but alone, they don't create success.

Over-focusing on a plan is looking for an outside solution to an inside problem.  Yes, I teach my clients how to create a plan that helps them get stuff done and it's important to create plans so you know where you are going.  But the best laid plans won't do any good unless there is energetic agreement between beliefs (about money, being in business, value, etc.), feelings, intentions, and actions.

Creating a plan is a GREAT way to find out just where we aren't in agreement with ourselves.

In the process of developing a business plan, all sorts of interesting things bubble up: resistance, fear, overwhelm, doubt.  This is the opportunity of a lifetime -- dealing with the feelings and beliefs that bubble up creates energetic agreement - or resonance.

In resonance, business magic starts to happen.

Planning becomes fun.  Action becomes easier.  Doors open.  Energy abounds.  Synchronicity is everywhere.

The plan is important.  But energetic agreement is MORE important.

Start investigating all the things about business and money and value that make you squirm.  Take the challenge.  Heal. Grow. Resonate.  Succeed.

Namasté to you, business yoginis!


Posted on June 27, 2011 and filed under Women in Business, Living with Intention.