Finding Freedom

Discipline gets a bad rap.

I hated the word discipline for much of my life.  It conjured up images of spankings, standing in the corner, and stern lectures.

Then, I started practicing yoga, and I found the freedom in discipline.  Showing up for myself, on my mat, no matter what.  It took me a while to recognize it as discipline, because I had never known a kind version of discipline. But I started showing up and listening to myself in other ways, too.  It was in no way harsh, rigid, crew-cut discipline, but the kind of discipline that feels like cool water on a hot day.  This kind of fluid, supportive discipline can work wonders in your business.

You know when you feel that red-hot inspiration?

When you are on fire to create something incredible and your head is so full of ideas and projects that you can barely even speak a coherent sentence?

Yeah, I love that too.

But that can easily devolve into a state of overwhelmed inspiration - a mental bottleneck that prevents intelligent action.

A key way that you can find freedom in a state of overwhelmed inspiration is two-fold. First by grounding and getting incredibly clear on what is most compelling for you in your business (you may want to dive deep and find your WHY to help with this). Followed by an honest appraisal of how much time you have and what projects are in line with your WHY that also light you up enough to devote your time and energy.

When my clients do this honestly and compassionately, they experience an internal sigh. They are supporting themselves and their business in the most fundamental way. They experience the freedom that comes with saying, "This is the time I have. These are the things I want to do that feed my soul, my clients, and my pocketbook. I can put everything else down - for now."  Loving, supportive discipline provides freedom.

Discipline is being your own disciple.

Trusting, and listening to, your own wisdom. Tapping into the core of your own truth.  This practice is an investment in your sanity and the health of your business.  Pay attention to, and act on, what you know about yourself and your vision - which leads directly to the oh-so-supportive freedom that comes from discipline.

Namasté to you, business yoginis!

Posted on March 14, 2011 and filed under Getting sh!t done, On being a business yogini.