The exquisite light that shines in you

Last night I thought of you.

I thought about how confusing and frustrating it can be to want so badly to serve and to not know what the hell to do next.  I thought about how, sometimes, it can seem easier to just give up on the dream of doing what you love.  I thought about how hard it can be to see, and embrace, your wholeness.  To come home to who you really are in order to serve authentically.

That's right. Who you really are.  A healer, a leader, a force for goodness.

If you could, for one minute, see what I see when I talk to you, when I peruse your blog, when I read your emails, you would be astonished.  You would marvel because you would see just how perfect you are, in your incredible, human imperfection.  Even in the places that are broken, there is strength.  In the places that you resist, there is sweetness. In the places that you fear, there is wholeness.

There is an exquisite light that shines in you.

Beneath the shoulds and have-to's and what if's, you are divine.  Your joy, your pleasure, your delight, your curiosity, and, when you are really stubborn (like me) your pain, is calling you home to yourself and showing you where your unique gifts will truly be of service.

It takes courage to take this path.

Sometimes it IS hard.  It requires fierce self-love and compassionate honesty. It requires dedication to your business.  It requires a passion for your clients.  It requires an inherent willingness to stay the course.  To act in accordance with your own wholeness, even in the face of uncertainty. To trust yourself and your experience and your heart-felt desires to lead the way.

I believe in what you are doing.

You are changing the World every time you free yourself from the grip of your own fear.  Every time you take ownership of your own story and embrace your gifts without apology, you pave the way for thousands of others.

When you stand firmly rooted in that place, you are a beacon of light.

Not just for your clients, but for your family, for your friends, for all the lives that you touch.

It is time to embrace your exquisite light and change the World.

Namasté to you, business yoginis!

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Posted on February 22, 2011 and filed under intention, Must-Read, On being a business yogini.