Heal yourself, for business sake

This week, I wanted to share some of the people that have helped me heal and grow in 2010 --  as much of a lone wolf as I thought of myself as a few years ago, I feel very strongly that no business yogini is an island and we all need inspiration, guidance, and support along the way in order to truly do our work in the world.

But first, a bit about my theme

Each year, I choose a theme for the coming year. This year, in 2010, my theme was Lean In, which led to an intensification of my efforts and my energy in the direction of what I truly want to be -- leaning into the good, the uncomfortable, and the scary.  Revealing and being more authentically who I am meant to be in the world.  My measures of success for 2010 were high and I've already met them -- which is a testament to the power of intention, action and a willingness to ask for help when I need it.

My amazing mentors and teachers

In this year of intensification, there were some pivotal teachers and mentors that helped me be more of me.  I am eternally grateful to my business mentor, Michele Woodward for her gracious and practical coaching and her inspired mentorship (her recent article on connection and imperfection is absolutely spot-on -- the video she references from Dr. Brene Brown is a must-watch for everyone.)

Intensification for me meant that I had to stop hiding

My intention was to find a place of wholeness in my business -- to be completely myself and offer my gifts and talents fully to the people who need it. I feel that I now have a strong foothold in that place and it will continue to evolve organically.

Getting here required a great deal of shedding old beliefs and habits (which is a work in progress...) I began doing that work with the skilled coaching of my spiritual mentor, Susan Grace Beekman.  Through this work, the way ahead with my business became clearer and the Business Yogini was born through my work with the truly gifted branding coach, Laurie Foley and my supportive and talented friends like Helen Samson Mullen, Jennifer Voss, and Diane Hunter.

I stopped hiding from myself, too

In the process of intensifying my business and shedding beliefs that were effectively keeping me from doing my work in the world, I acknowledged that my body has been asking (repeatedly, and increasingly louder) to heal some old and deep wounds of the past.

I fell in love with yoga and became a yoga teacher in large part because it was the only way I had glimpses of being present in my body.  I abhor labels, but I fully embraced and accepted this year that I do, in fact, suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.  I've called it many things: introversion, sensitivity, crankiness, sleeplessness... but what it boils down to is that I have had deep trauma lodged in my body and nothing that I did: not yoga, not breath-work, not meditation, not mind-body healing techniques, not even eating cookies could touch it.

That is all changing.

Through great and amazing good fortune, Melanie Marx and I found each other and I've been doing some very intensive, woo-woo, energy healing with her.  I don't understand it, but it works.

Nightmares I've had every night, my whole life? Gone.  Monthly migraine headaches?  Gone.  Exhaustion and be-frazzlement (I made that up) in chaotic situations?  Greatly reduced.  My sense of peace and my ability to stay in my body and to be present to strong emotion are growing by the day.  I can't say enough about this work.  If you have experienced any sort of trauma, or, if you are really sensitive by nature and it keeps you from moving forward, talk to Melanie.  I am insanely grateful for her and you will be, too.

Being on the path is enough

Being a business yogini is about authenticity -- knowing deep in your bones that who you are is exactly what the world needs, even if it's a little messy and not at all perfect.  It takes courage and honesty and a willingness to stand firm and commit to your own healing for yourself, for your family, and for all the people who desperately need exactly what you have to offer.

What is asking for healing in your life?

Your people are waiting.  Who you are and what you bring is so necessary and so needed.  This year, in 2011, may you get exactly the help you need so you can fully serve those that need you.

Namasté to you, business yoginis!

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