The Ways of Wild Wealth

The word "wealth" can trigger some strong reactions. 

Three years ago, when I began talking about my own path, and my work, as the path of Wild Wealth - a dear friend told me that she was completely turned off by the word wealth, which I found fascinating. We had a long discussion about what wealth is, and what it is not. 

(She eventually came around to my way of thinking.)

In our society, wealth is associated primarily with financial wealth -- but the root of the word wealth is "weal" which, according to Merriam Webster is, "a sound, healthy, or prosperous state." It also held strong ties to "commonweal" which is, "the happiness, health, and safety of all of the people of a community or nation."

So wealth in it's truest form is operating from a sense of wholeness to create and amplify prosperity for yourself and for others. Wealth is something that you already are and something that you can create more of -- it is not something to "have" or acquire. Wealth is innate and instinctual. 

Money is a front man. 

As I turned my attention toward understanding wealth, I realized some very important things. Namely, that society dictates that you should be focused on money as the source of wealth. Meaning you are encouraged to look to something outside of yourself to define your sense of worth and your state of wealth.

This is incorrect thinking. Wealth is, most simply, resources - both individual and shared. When wealth is realized as something that is innate (you are filled with resources just being who you are), it can be cultivated in sustainable ways. In that way, it amplifies wealth for everyone - not just a few people. 

That is why I believe so deeply in the work of The Wild Wealth Collective for women in business. When we are steeped in a sense of our own wealth, it supports a sound and sustainable business and a beautiful, joyful life that amplifies wealth personally and collectively.

Bring on the Wild Wealth

So if wealth is about resources, what is the wild all about? 

When I shifted my attention away from money as my primary focus, here is what I noticed -- the qualities within you and I that constitute the vast and abundant resources that we have to work with are most often disregarded and dismissed and trained out of women, in particular.

These are the exact qualities that need to be liberated, that are the very heart of your Wild Wealth: strong emotions, definitive opinions, an insistent voice, courageous integrity and tenacity, claiming the rhythms and cycles of rest and action and trusting yourself and what you know 100%. 

Wild is the untamed and the subdued, that which is not valued in polite society. I'm here to tell you sister, that the qualities of your Wild Wealth, liberated, are your currency - they are YOU, present and alive and engaged. They are the resources that amplify every area of your life because they are the hallmark of finally, blessedly, knowing you are (more than) enough and you ARE the embodiment of wealth in this very moment. 

What happens when you liberate your Wild Wealth?

  • You step up and stop hiding your wealth of creative expression, even when it's scary. 
  • You are committed to being on your own side: taking care of your most precious resource, you. 
  • You create the work and the life that you truly want, not the one you think you should create. 
  • You stop apologizing and start speaking the Truth.
  • You seek out, and connect with, people and relationships that celebrate you and your authenticity. 
  • You connect with, and trust, your deepest soul knowing. 
  • You claim pleasure and desire and instinct as valid ways of moving through the world. 
  • You magnetize your right business and amplify your financial flow as a result. 
  • You cry. You get angry. You dance with joy. You are honest. You are fully engaged with the beautiful, and often messy business, of your whole life including meaningful work. 

Each of these things taken individually is amazing and transformative. I see the women I work with courageously living into their Wild Wealth every day, living with a fuller connection to the wealth that is theirs and creating work and lives with more joy, more power, more connection and more inspired, deliberate action that creates wealth for them and for those in their communities. It's beautiful. 

You are the embodiment of wealth. 

Right now. More than anything, I would love for women around the world, including you, to wake up and know this. I want you to know and celebrate your Wild Wealth - to live it and express it in all the ways. To appreciate the vast resources that are within you as a woman, as a creator, as a unique and beautiful human with free will. As a woman who has experienced hardship and great joy, who has felt broken and has felt completely whole. 

You - all of you and your experience - are gold. All of it is part of the Wild Wealth that you are, and is vital for your work and for the world.  

You are Invited. 

I would love to have you join me, and the amazing group of women who are gathering to explore the ways of Wild Wealth. We begin in less than two weeks. And if that doesn't speak to you, I would invite you to turn toward yourself with a fresh gaze and to look for the innate wealth of resources that you possess. I would love for you to live into appreciating and celebrating all that you are and to recognize your unique nature as the very heartbeat of wealth. 

Because sister, that's what I know to be true. 


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The Feminine Path of Mastery

I attended a yin yoga teacher training recently.

I did the training to celebrate completing my breathwork healer certification and because Kari Kwinn is my favorite yogini as well as a dear friend, and because I adore yin yoga - it's pretty much the only style I practice with regularity.

As Kari Kwinn says, "Yin is an intention." which to me means it's not necessarily about choosing outcomes or what it looks like, but it's about how we show up for the practice - heart and mind open, willing to listen deeply and attune to our own wisdom.  This is the journey of my life. 

My yoga practice for many years reflected my beliefs and values that yang is preferable, always. The belief that action, movement, busy-ness and growth is what we should *always strive for is pervasive in our culture and it was evident in how I practiced yoga, how I moved my body, ate, engaged in relationships, ran my household and definitely how I approached my work for many years. 

Until I was exhausted, anxious and burnt-out. I had even managed to recreate the same environment of push, strive, and overwork when I started my own business. 

This kind of ethos looks powerful, but it's fragile.

Which means it's weak.

About 8 years ago, life conspired in my favor and the old way of "business as usual" no longer worked, as happens for MANY people in our society driven by external measures and quick fixes. Life circumstance, wisdom from many teachers in my life and my physical body all put me on the path to begin changing my approach to life, to myself, and to my work -- to seek a more sustainable and rhythmic way of moving through the world.

"Yin is an intention..."

I view the work I offer to you as deeply rooted in yin energies which are sorely lacking and desperately needed in the world. I've found with my clients, and for myself, that as women, we must be deeply rooted in yin in order to express yang energy in a way that is in integrity, body and soul.

This is a feminine approach to mastery

Pushing harder is not the secret of success. Doing more for the sake of doing more is also not the secret. Being more and having more isn't going to being satisfying and meaningful either, taken out of context.

Instead, I advise the radical path of turning inward: listening and attuning to the action that is yours to take. Honoring the natural rhythms and flows of nature and the body as a path to sustainable energy and action. Engaging in delicious practices that deeply nourish. Embracing and feeling the depth and breadth of emotions as deep wisdom. And finally, turning toward oneself as the richest resource that you have to live into your vision of success in every arena of your life. 

You are invited

Nothing is more important to me than inspiring women to engage in ancient, but completely new ways to approach work, resources, themselves and the world.  For those of you who read, or work with me or land here by chance, I dare you to stop. To drop into your heart. To listen deeply for the wealth of wisdom that is available and to experience the wealth that is you.  

Follow the heartbeat of your deepest wisdom. 

Tell me what you hear, sister, when you heed the call to the feminine path of mastery. 

The Wild Wealth Collective is open for registration

The Wild Wealth Collective is a gathering of smart, soulful women who are committed to a new way of moving through the world.

Are you ready to experience your Wild Wealth?

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How You Do One Thing...

"How you do one thing is how you do everything..."

This famous Zen quote is everywhere. I've heard it at least four times in the last week. I've had this phrase directed at me in coaching to highlight the pervasive nature of my faults and, I am certain I've used it in coaching sessions to the same effect. (If I used it on you in a session, I hope you'll accept my apology.)

This statement is a lie (sorry Zen lovers) 

It's a blanket statement that cannot possibly be true. I would go so far as to say the way this statement is currently used in personal development is the antithesis of Zen. This phrase decreases people's awareness and appreciation of who they are in different situations and how they respond in each and every moment. Instead it implies the worst, "Gosh, you must have real issues if you are struggling with this one area... because how you do this one thing is how you do everything."   

Frankly, I'd like to see this phrase eradicated from the lexicon of spirituality and personal development. This phrase, in my experience, is used in a way that evokes shame and supports the continuation of people beating themselves with the stick of perfection. I've never heard it used to help people see their strengths, only weaknesses. 

How you do one thing is how you do that one thing.

That is not sexy (or judgmental) - but it's actually true. 

And how you do other things is how you do other things. We all have quirks. We are all human with incredible strengths as well as foibles. Which is what makes life interesting and beautiful. 

For instance, I (like many women I know) can be extremely hard on myself about my body. Hypercritical, sometimes my inner voice can even be cruel pointing out all the ways I'm not taking care of myself as well as I "should" to be healthier. 

If I were to look at all of this and say, "How I do one thing is how I do everything."  then the conclusion I would draw (and have beat myself with in the past) is that the way I take care of my body is a reflection of my capacity to be a good mother, to be a great coach and teacher, to be a friend, to have a great partnership with my husband. Because if I can't take care of my body 'perfectly', then I'm broken and the success or health of every other area of my life is suspect. 

But here is the truth: there is limited time in the day.

My priorities are my daughter, my husband and my work. I give zero fucks about eating "clean" or any such bullshit and I like to move my body in ways that are deeply pleasurable for me, not punishing. None of this reflects on other parts of my life. 

How I "do" my work is that I show up, I create, I serve and I love it. Sometimes I get caught up in being busy and overwork, whether it's from having too much fun or distracting myself from my husband's absence and then I get tired and need a break. 

How I "do" my family is that they are the most important part of my day. I schedule time in the middle of each day to talk to my husband via Skype and I stop work when I pick my daughter up from school to spend time with her. Sometimes both of those things annoy me, which doesn't mean anything about the overarching state of my family or my patience or love for them. 

How I "do" my friendships is that I set dates to talk with and play with my friends on a regular basis. As an introvert, I cherish the friends who will go deep and not be offended when I need space or say no to party invitations over and over. 

How I "do" my food is I'm relearning how to eat intuitively so I'm kind of all over the place right now with what I'm eating. Which doesn't mean anything about my business, my spiritual practices, my family or my organizational skills.

How I "do" moving my body right now is I do what feels good in my body each and every day be it hiking, yoga, dancing or nothing. I try not to sit too much because it hurts my bum. Otherwise I would unapologetically sit all day long.   

How I "do" my iPhone is a bit addictively. I get a little nervous when it's not close by or in my hand. 

So on and so forth. You get the point. There may be patterns worth observing, stories I tell myself, ways of being that are unique to me that I would love to shift. But under no circumstances is it helpful to believe that how I do one thing is how I do everything. To do so with either positive or negative qualities is delusional.

How you do one thing is how you do that thing. 

This bears repeating. No matter what "thing" you or I are doing, the only way we know how we are doing it and if it's aligned with our values and our deepest desires right now is by paying attention to how we do that one thing. Which isn't a representation of everything and it's also subject to change in any moment. 

Looking at anything as if it's static - especially human behavior and circumstance - is crazy. Yes, we humans definitely get into habits but blanket statements are an excuse to go to sleep and not pay attention to your experience, today. 

Compassion, not cruelty. 

My one desire is that I want to do everything I say "yes" to in my life is with as much presence and engagement as I can muster. I want to turn toward myself and my experience on any given day with compassion, not cruelty. Curiosity, not assumptions. I want to enjoy who I am and the life that I'm living without casting a shadow of judgment over my humanity. I want to celebrate the divine imperfection of who I am because how I do everything is as myself. Period.

Let's stop the judgment.

You are far more complex than your worst, or your best, behaviors, sister. My deepest wish is that you will cast aside any believe that your perceived flaws somehow indict you in All the Ways. That you will turn toward yourself with open arms and acceptance because that, not punishment or perfection, is the path to freedom. 

How you do everything is as you, beautiful sister. Celebrate all of it. 


Is it your time?

I work with natural born leaders and change-makers: creative, intuitive and spiritual women in business who want to create a rich tapestry of sustainable, meaningful work and a beautiful, fulfilling life - the life you want, not whatever idea of a successful life the media or society is pushing. I am talking fiery, spiritual devotion meets real-world engagement as you attune to your natural wisdom and wealth of inner resources. 

Are you ready for a different experience of yourself?

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