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If you came to my home and sat at my kitchen table, I would offer you a choice of water, coffee or herbal tea and I would insist on giving you all of my loving attention. 

If you asked about me, I would tell you that I am deeply inspired by beauty of all kinds, from the beauty and utter naturalness of non-human nature to the beautiful devotion of humans who go beyond their limits to catch their dreams. I would tell you that becoming a partner to my husband and a mother to my daughter has by far been the hardest, and most rewarding, choice of my life -- I wouldn't have guessed that agreeing to keep my heart open and let it be broken over and over to the end would be so wonderful. I've been told I'm intense and that my laugh is too loud and that I have almost no capacity to make small talk. I"m so glad all those things are true so when you sit at my table and you tell me what's real for you -- you won't find a more welcoming place for all of you to show up and be celebrated in all of your fine humanity.  

As a Capricorn, my work is at the heart of my values - a very close second to my family, so let me tell you more.

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My Vision

As a women's transformation coach and wisdom guide, I support women in the creative, healing and helping professions who want to experience success that feels like success on all levels - and that rarely (if ever) looks or feels the way that women believe it should. There is nothing quite like it when a woman unshackles herself to embrace her own heart's longings as the blueprint for the success she truly seeks.  

My vision is to leave a legacy of women who rise up to create the life, and the work, that is aligned with their Truth and amplifies wealth for themselves and the world. This path requires the courage to grow in the face of challenge, and to see all of your experiences as powerful gifts and sacred invitations to shine.

I want you - and as many women as I can reach in a lifetime - to experience the incredible sacred wealth of resources that  is at the very heart of who you are.  I want you to stop doubting yourself and looking outside of yourself for affirmation or fixing. I want you to move through life knowing you are enough, attuned to your power and capacity to create and magnetize abundance. It is game-changing, to dwell in this space of knowing just how powerful you are.

All of this with the end vision in mind: freedom and personal authority for all humans that creates sustainable balance between human and non-human nature. For our sons and daughters who will inherit this earth, I believe that women, when tuned into their power, are and will continue to create the legacy of healing, sovereignty and truth that our world desperately needs. Greed and scarcity are old news. I believe that together, we can create a world where the way humans live and work is generative and restorative instead of destructive.

Here are a few things I believe

  • I believe courageous presence with all parts of our lives (especially the trauma and the challenges) is an invitation to know the depth of our strength, wisdom and power. Each day, each moment, each challenge and joy is an invitation to grow in your capacity to be a light-filled, powerful human being that creates incredible change in the world.

  • I believe that sensitivity, empathy and intuition are incredible strengths. These qualities, often dismissed or diminished, are the very qualities that need to be fiercely honored, cared for, and celebrated as fundamental to your wealth of resources.

  • I believe you - fully embodied and connected - are pure wealth. Everything you want to create happens in your body: THE primary container of your wealth of knowledge, of your creative force, of your experience, and your very soul. Rooting into, and living fully, in the body is at the heart of creating the soul-level success you desire. True story.

  • I believe your connection to unseen allies is an underutilized asset. Earth herself, divine allies, dieties and other realms offer a fundamental way to access deeper and wider facets of your innate wealth of wisdom.

  • I believe you can trust life, Divine Intelligence, and yourself. I know it may not feel like it when so many structures and ideals are crumbling, but on the other side of chaos and death is rebirth and we will need your innate wealth of sacred resources to usher in a new era. The future holds so much promise.

  • I believe in the power of doing the work. To manifest is to make something real. To create is to take aligned, committed action. There are no shortcuts but when you tap into, and trust, your rhythm, the effort becomes effortless.

And I know this because getting here was a decades-long journey which means I know where you are and how you're feeling.