Hi. I'm Nona. 

If you want to read the official CV that will give you the low-down on my experience, you can click here. The experience is so important - your coach, soul-teacher and guide needs experience and skills, yes. If you are hungry for the story and the grit that is lost in a CV, read on.

I'm Nona Jordan: master coach and guidess to natural leaders and change-makers: creative, intuitive and spiritual women in business who want to be the change and to see that change ripple out into the world. It is your birthright to experience and trust your knowing, your strength and your actions, to make manifest the life, the business and the world you believe in -- to experience your vast inner resources, your wealth.

When we partner together on behalf of the life and business you want, I bring embodied leadership coaching, breathwork, practical guidance, energy and earth medicine as well as healing practices of embodiment and presence that support you in creating a rich tapestry of sustainable, meaningful work and a beautiful, fulfilling life.

Are you ready to move through your world in a whole new way? 

My greater vision for the work I do is to leave a legacy of women like you who have the courage to create success that reflects the truth: you are whole and resource rich. One of the secrets to this sauce is that living fully in your body and reclaiming your pleasure and your desire is a portal to your legacy, sister.  

I want you - and as many women as I can reach in a lifetime - to know that your vision of success is an inside out endeavor.  I want you to stop doubting your worth and looking outside of yourself for affirmation. I want you to move through life knowing you are enough, attuned to your natural wisdom and wealth of inner resources. This is power and freedom. 

It is vital, if we want to be engaged and purposeful humans during this particular time in history, to have more space to listen closely to the pulse of our own wisdom without the noise of the world clamoring for our attention. Not only is this healing, but I have found it to be a master key to wise action, feeling abundant and knowing how to live your personal truth.

Here's the secret: it all happens in your beautiful body, sister. Success is a practice of embodiment and connection to soul. 

Training + Experience

My background includes seven years of women’s leadership, wealth and business coaching with a focus on intuition and the body as our wisest guides. In addition, I’ve been practicing and teaching yoga and meditation for over twenty years (22 years practicing yoga and teaching for twelve years). The most recent teachings I’ve brought into my work are advanced energy healing, earth medicine, and practices of embodiment. When we work together, we creatively bring in the support you need to create a rich tapestry of sustainable, meaningful work and a beautiful, fulfilling life - the life you want, not whatever idea of a successful life the media or society is pushing. I am talking spiritual devotion meets real-world engagement as you attune to your deep wisdom and wealth of inner resources. 

The result? 




Are you all in?

I use both sides of my brain and all parts of my soul in my chosen vocation as a coach, healer and teacher because:

  • I believe your true nature is both wildly human and divine - celebrating and expressing your instinctual wholeness holds the key to living inside of your experience with great ease and joy.
  • I believe every facet of life is a spiritual invitation to bring the healing presence of deep love to ourselves, our work, our lives and the world at large. And "no" is just as important as "yes" in the presence of deep love. 
  • I believe you - fully embodied and connected - are a goldmine - everything you want happens in your body. It's important to live there and to learn the language and currents of your body. True story. 
  • I believe you are the ultimate authority and it's oh-so-good to have the support of someone to help you discover and re-member your most real and powerful self.
  • I believe that when you embody your true nature of beauty and wholeness and act accordingly you can expect epic success on a cellular level: mind, body, breath, business, money AND soul.

And I know this because getting here was a decades-long journey which means I know where you are and how you're feeling.


At eleven, I was already a self-help junkie. I'd secretly started reading my Mom’s metaphysical books. Then, in college, when I was supposed to be studying for my accounting exams, you could still find me devouring spiritual books and more self-help. Feed the addiction, people.

And I was feeding it. I was searching. I was hungry. I was following a path that wasn’t my passion (accounting) - and I was doing it all for the money. Later, even when making six figures in that profession (which was supposed to fix what felt broken), I was following the fine family tradition of drowning out the clamoring of my soul with wine, beer, cigarettes and generally bad behavior, including ignoring my money and being in over my head with my debt. Driven and depressed by my endless search for more money, more time, more things... I was poorer than I'd ever been.

Self-help + self-loathing. These two contradictory urges collided one night more than twelve years ago when I was reading Pema Chodron while trying to get drunk. (!!)

That night, I had nothing short of a spiritual awakening. Everything changed in an instant.

Well, okay, in an instant plus thirteen years.


I changed my life completely, ridding myself of drinking and smoking, bad boyfriends and bad habits. In the last thirteen years I've changed all my habits so completely that you'd think I'm a different person.

I'm not.

I’m more myself than I have been since I was six years old. I wouldn’t say I’m childlike, but everyday I recover more of the wildness, my true nature, the innate wealth that I thought I had lost so many years ago.

On the path, I trained at Kripalu and with some amazing mentors and teachers to learn to access my own, and teach, embodied leadership and wisdom, I studied with Martha Beck to become a kick-ass Master Life Coach and trained to become a facilitator of self-healing through breathwork, meditation, earth medicine and energy practices, while honing my intuitive abilities. Combine all this with my business degree, a CPA license (currently inactive) and years working in publicly-traded tech companies in Seattle and it almost feels like I was born this way.

So, yes, I did a few things right in the last decade getting my shit together and doing my own deep inner work, but I really must have done something right in a past life, because I'm married to the most amazing man on the planet and we have a (not so) little girl who is amazing squared.

My life is a spiritual journey that is an expression of soul-level success that I couldn't have dreamed of 14 years ago. And that's what I want for you.

It's your time. Are you ready to dive in?