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Cast Your 2018 Vision

Tell me everything.

One of my favorite things is hearing about the stunning, revelatory wisdom that visioning helps you tap into for yourself.

By sharing what your vision revealed to you by December 26th, 2017, I will donate $1.00 to Chikambuso, a local organization that supports women and orphaned children, offering them safe-haven, critical business skill training and education for a better future. 

By telling me, not only do you benefit women and children, but you also benefit yourself -- when you write out your vision and tell me about it, you amplify the power of your vision, you receive greater insight, and it provides inspiration to move forward. Plus, as I mentioned, I LOVE hearing about your visioning -- you are participating in the very heart and soul of amplifying sacred resources for all of us.

Thank you!

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In 2018, I would love to see you tend your wealth (money, worth, energy, body) in ways that heal, in ways that amplify your capacity to show up for yourself and your work, and in ways that ultimately amplify all forms of wealth in your life and for those around you. Join me for The School of Sacred Practice to go deeper into the art of accessing your own wisdom and moving into inspired action. 

When you are that connected to yourself and your deep wisdom, you are at your most powerful. I love that for you, and for the world.